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It took a few months before I could identify this tug, which I’d seen in Kingston last spring.  No one was talking maybe.

When I saw the vessel again in Waterford, it bore a name:

But why . . . Nor did I know that it had arrived upriver via anything but its own propulsion.  The prominent broom in foto is a distractor.

It’s time to play . . . Samhain!  See neversealand‘s play here.

Sorry . . . the hallowdayeen spirit intruded.  All fotos that follow come via Harold, whose foto collection and expertise are immense.  Spooky traveled to the Roundup on the hip of . . .

Gowanus Bay, whose previous shots here can be seen using the search window upper left.

Before acquiring a patina of fright by lurking in the waters of Amityville (Long Island), the spooky one had been just plain Josie, pushing sand by means of her own propulsion.

Enjoy the weekend;  I’m off haunting the river of my my forebears.  See a halfmoonthly installment here later Friday.  More on that next week.

Why three of these in a row?  Answer a follows.  I took the foto east of Roosevelt Island.  Clue:  power.

Here’s a close up of one of them.

Why the patriotic color scheme?  Answer b follows.  Jed took the foto  in Baltimore.  Clue:  stand.

I didn’t use binoculars or take a foto earlier because I thought this speedster was Manhattan.  Anyone know this classic vessel?   Answer c follows below, thanks to Bernie of Working Harbor Committee.

Nor do I know this one foto’d in Hudson near Pier 83ish.

UFO . . . unindentified or unique floating object.

A:  East River Tidal Power Project Hear the whirring blades?

B:  The Buoy marks the spot from which Francis Scott Key watched bombs bursting in air, leading him to pen the anthem.

C.  Elco Commuter yacht Justice.

Orion now in Boston, foto thanks to Jed.

Orion nine months ago drydocked on KVK, showing the non-props.

Rae a few weeks ago in Arthur Kill

and Rae two years back known then as Miss Bonnie.

Both Miss Bonnie fotos happened in Tottenville.

All fotos except top one by Will Van Dorp.

Because I’d posted about Grouper in winter, spring, and summer, I wanted an autumnal foto as well.  Yet I feared it wouldn’t be there.  What I found was worse:  it was still there but vandals had left their marks.

They knocked windows out, and that could mean the beginning of the end, especially with winter approaching.  While taking fotos, I met the owner, who

said the vandal was caught and the tug will soon be hauled out.  He also said it had a very deep draft:  18′!  Other reliable sources say 12.’  I’d love

to get up there again when it’s hauled to foto the hull and machinery.  Please get in touch, D.

Nine months has brought lots of progress to the Onrust project near Schenectady.  Onrust was first decked vessel built entirely in North America . . . and in Manhattan. Technically, it’s a yacht, which in original Dutch means “hunting,”  i.e., a fast pursuit vessel designed to chase pirates.

Compare the juxtaposed shots from January and October 2008.  New Netherlands Routes vessel is due to launch late spring 2009.

Above is January 08 and below is October.  Note the blackened wood:  curves in white oak result from fire-bending technique contemporaneous with original Onrust construction.

Closeup of a wooden scupper.  All 4000 metals bolts need to be replaced by treenails.

Bow in January 08 and …

October 08.

Deck looking forward in January and …

deck looking forward now.

Current deck looking aft and …

stern in January looking in.

The hold now looking aft, with Elizabeth showing scale.

If you’re looking for an interesting view of a fascinating newbuild/replica project, contact New Netherlands routes and go see, just west of Schenectady on the banks of the Mohawk.

All images here by Will Van Dorp.

Hoboken, 43′ loa, and never been anything but Hoboken living on Frank Sinatra Drive, launched 1963;

Meredith C. Reinauer, a pin boat since launch in 2002, 123′ loa;

Megan McAllister, ex-Arthur F. Zeman Jr., 77′ loa, launched 1985;

Penn No. 4, ex-Morania No. 4, 1973 and 120′ loa;

Penobscot, ex-Wm J. McPhillips, 99′ loa, launched 1959, and registered in Boothbay;

After bunkering Nowegian Dawn, here’s Solomon Sea, ex-Brandon C. Roehrig and Diane E. Roehrig, 89′ loa and 1964;

Paul T. Moran, 138′ loa and since 1975 dba Ocean Venture, S/R Golden State, Exxon Golden State, and Eliska;

and Java Sea, ex-Patriot, 1981 and 110′

and the oldest is . . .  Penobscot.  What?  I already said that?  Just back from self-assigned project weekend.  Details will follow.  Welcome back too–you know who yous are.

Photos, WVD.

One of my most popular posts ever was More Cargoes 7.  Since then, I scan the rows of containers looking for anything unique.  Tuesday in less than an hour, I scored on both vessels I saw.

Liftaloft units headed somewhere . . .

with or without tarps

a memorable ride lifting and dropping with ocean waves buffeting Maersk Missouri.

Not a half hour earlier,

Maersk Dolores came in

with a fleet of Cardinal pusher buses hidden among the containers, logo above the doors unmistakable.

Do you suppose those buses were taking

some kids on the field trip of a lifetime?  I’d have loved it.  Both my parents drove school bus and did lots of field trips but none through ports or involving such ferry rides, I recall.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Rosemary coursing her frothy way eastbound on the KVK is a thing of beauty that always catches my attention

ever since my first view in June.  Look closer toward a member of the crew

on the starboard side

is keeping Rosemary new and shiny.

Anyone know the percentage on women currently working on tugs in the sixth boro?  I don’t, but I’m curious.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Uh . . . ?  from a rainy Chesapeake comes this foto of a unique amalgamation.  What might it be?  Answer below.

And what vessels might these be,  with what connection to the six boro?  Answer also below, as is the rest of this post.

Back in the boro, where the sun blessed us this weekend, I imagined having a blast–my love and I on the river-– in a tiny sprit sail boat,  [Play music from the “my love…” link while reading rest of post.]

racing past the Palisades.

For others, Imagine carried more gregarious folks past the metropolis

with a jaunty captain at the helm. . .

while its sister ship Adirondack headed for the Statue.

Technically replica Half Moon isn’t sailing here, but with all her flags flying, this motoring yacht is autumn resplendant, especially beside the equally autumnal Hayward.  Anyone identify Half Moon’s flags?  Answer below.

Fore to aft:

foremast:  flag of the province of South Holland.  main:  stripes of the seven provinces.

mizzen:  three crosses of city of Amsterdam, often called XXX.

Answers:  Norfolk Rebel, tugantine, had its keel laid on April Fools Day 1978.  Next, schooners are Amistad pursuing Lettie G. Howard.  Lettie, built in Essex, MA, in 1893, has New York as its current homeport.

Put up whatever flags you will, and sail with your mates and thoughts before winter intrudes.  There really are so many ways to mess about in wind boats, and from here, you can sail around the world.

Top two fotos, compliments of Jed.  All others, Will Van Dorp.

I’d understate the truth if I said I can’t for the life of me understand why I’m attracted to Odin. Actually, I understand very few of my attractions or obsessions;  they just pull my strings sometime.   A month ago I wrote about this vessel here , and I’m back, intrigued as ever.

Sunday she tended a barge–bunker?–astride some great white vessel.  Odin brought the house lower than I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t make out why.  Cringing?  Obsequious?

The great one rising beside Odin claimed to to Caribbean Princess.

Oh well… work is work.  I simply enjoyed being intrigued more by the versatility of Odin, masterful shape shifter.  Maybe K-Sea will get an Odin twin to name Loki.  And I’ll keep trying to understand and respond appropriately to my attractions/attractors.

Photos, WVD.

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