Many years ago when I lived north of Boston, I read that the Chinese thought Salem was a county, a prominent one, because so many vessels called in Qing dynasty ports.

Today one can’t not wonder what Majuro looks like,

given that so many vessels have that port inscribed on their stern.  It’s the second (a move up from last year) largest registry, after Panama.

I’m told the correct pronunciation stresses the first syllable, i.e., MA ju ro, with ma pronounced as in matter.

I’m told that by someone who lived there the better part of a decade and helped write their constitution.



She also put me in contact with Karen Earnshaw, who lives in Majuro today and does the website from which I took these photos, with her permission.

So the next time you see a ship registered in Majuro, think of these photos.

I sent her my ship photos, and she put them on her site here.


Photos by Karen Earnshaw and Will Van Dorp.

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