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or . . . whatever happened to Surfer Rosa?  As it turns out, she’s still around and at sea, headed from Houston to Iran.  Hmm.  Do you realize there is a surfing scene in Iran?

SBI Subaru?  It has nothing to do with the automobile; instead, it’s named for the same constellation as the automobile, Pleiades.  

Arctic Flounder?  You mean a major miscalculation above 66° 33′ 39″ north?

STI Excellence . . . when the weather is not so excellent?

Asphalt Synergy . . .  what makes a smooth macadam surface?  Read this to learn derivations of this and tarmac . . .  click here for some previous posts of asphalt ships.

Viking Princess . . . sounds like the confluence of two passenger lines, leading to lack of synergy?

Atlantic Ruby . . .  is an exquisite sea jewel . . .

Oops, there’s only one Sea Jewel.  She has a truly complex logo on the stack.

Sinochart Beijing . . . is a bulker of a fleet I’d not heard of before.

Gaslog Shanghai, name notwithstanding, seems connected to Shell.  LNG carriers call primarily at the Texas-Louisiana border, and I wonder when the sixth boro will see them, if ever.  And what will happen to US LNG exports in the near future?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.  Click here for 34 previous “names” posts.


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