Back in mid-January, I’d planted myself up in Fort Wadsworth to see a new ship come in.  While I was there, I saw this CMA CGM vessel leave, racing this sailboat.


As the sailboat passed, I caught the name, which certainly made me wonder who Ratty is and what wisdom Ratty possesses other than leaving town a few days before the big snowstorm hit.


Whatever the answers to those questions are, Rattys Wisdom is now in the Bahamas, likely a milder place than the sixth boro.


And completely unrelated, back five and a half years ago, bowsprite saw a strange trimaran, Soundbounder identified it, and I alluded to it here and kept wondering about it.  Here was an article about the vessel from 2010.   Here’s an article I just found from almost a year ago suggesting it may no longer exist . . .   The place Zamna sank is near the long pier in Progreso, Mexico, once associated with Yucatan sisal, favorite at different times of farmers and sailors.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Also unrelated, while the winds were howling last night, here’s what was developing off Rockaway.