I knew she’s been called C. J. Doornbos. I knew she worked as a fishing tug on Lake Michigan. I never imagined she was gussied up this way back in those days.

I posted the foto below a year and a half ago. Urger has been thoroughly reinvented, and yet looks –IMHO –to have been intended from inception to be a canal tug. Does it appear that the wheelhouse has migrated forward six feet or so?

BTW, the source of top foto is Inland Seas: Quarterly Journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society, Vol. 3, Summer 1997, No. 2.

Below, see Urger, second from left, almost lost among larger tugs at the 2007 Tugboat race. Diminutive in size, but immense in spirit?

Still more Urger… from the 2006 race. Anyone know her summer schedule? Did I hear two whistles from Urger to Hackensack?

More Hackensack soon.

Also, soon . . . like in two weeks, I return to the sixth boro. Til then, I’m up the Winooski and hope to get to the St Lawrence locks before coming back. Thanks for reading.

Unless otherwise obvious, photos . . . WVD.