While the Roundup was happening 200 or so miles to the east in Waterford, a sailboat sank near Lyons, NY.  Yesterday, the boat was raised.  Text and fotos are compliments of Bob Stopper of Lyons, and published exclusively here.

“Saturday morning,  the gentleman [at the wheel] did veer to try not hitting the bridge support.  He skinned the support, but a railroad rail (iron) apparently used years ago for support around the concrete was sticking out about four feet and that is what caused the damage and sudden sinking.

Sunday 1:33 p. m.  “The blue in the above pic is the covered propane grill  and just a bit of flag is showing.”


“[ Wednesday] salvage crew from Syracuse floated and towed the vessel to our dock this evening. The salvage crew said it is a miracle that over the years no one else ever caught it with a sailboat…. Ironically, this same support was hit two weeks ago by another sailboat.”

9:40 a.m.



3:57 p. m. Thursday


6:01 p. m.


7:06 p. m.


This is sad.  Thanks much, Bob.