An ad on Craigslist might say “used tanker needs work +700 feet.” How much do you suppose you’d pay for a used tanker, say 10 years old? It’s over 750 feet long and 100 wide (242 x 32 meters if you do metric)? Came off the ways at the Zaliv Shipyard in Kertch, one of the main cities of Crimea, Ukraine. Want a photo? Here’s one I took in New York harbor the first week of April 2007. For out-of-towners, this was taken from the Brooklyn side toward Staten Island, in the background.


Click here for a shot in Amsterdam and another in Denmark. Actually the sale took place in 2005.  After the tanker was purchased, it needed $2 million in repairs and upgrades to ready it for service. Below is a close-up of the superstructure, for funnel aficianados.



The “E” stands for Estoril Navigation of Greece, the owner company. Now Estoril, I believe, is a city in Portugal. This gets complicated.

Oh, the price . . . $19.75 million. Check the article here; scroll down and see the right side.