I’m looking south toward the Narrows from a 23rd floor in Battery Park City while fog tries to squeeze under the VZ Bridge.  One day last year down by the Narrows without my camera, I watched a container ship disappear into a fog bank like this.  If I’d had the camera, I could have posted the foto that got away, the one of just the stern of a 50,000 dwt vessel.

Here’s how Carl Sandburg described it almost 100 years ago:              the fog comes           on little cat feet.     It sits looking          over harbor and city            on silent haunches           and then moves on.

Apologies to Carl for layout changes.  With the Wall Street mess, skies just look  gloomy these days.  Maybe substitute the word recession or __pression for fog in the poem.  With a sky looking so foreboding, I wouldn’t take that cruise if it were free.

These ships lie on the hook  along the Ambrose anchorage heedless of the breakers onshore.

Now I understand why I saw so many guys carrying surfboards through Penn Station: they were cutting work to head out and take a plunge while surfing the fog.

Top two fotos by Will Van Dorp;  next two, compliments of Brian Luster.