Many thanks to Birk Thomas for these fotos.  That’s frozen salt water off New Jersey.  ‘Nuff said.




Cold . . .  but the light is pretty.  That’s thought that comes easily if you’re indoors.


But for some perspective . . . according to the NYTimes, in 1813 it was so cold people could cross from Cold Spring to Connecticut on foot across the ice.  The East River had enough ice cover that it became an ice bridge in 1817, 1821, 1851, and 1875.  On  January 20, 1875, for example, 15,000 crossed the ice bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Ice thickness covering the East River measured six inches.   Click here for tips on ice thickness and safety.  However, as someone who icefished a number of years, I know that ice can be 12″ in one spot and not far away a pressure crack or much thinner ice.  Safety has to be #1.  Whitehorse today is the same temperature as the sixth boro;  for really cold temperatures, click here.