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The combinations in the sixth boro might surprise you, cargo and clams, for example.

Mary Virginia crossed Gravesend Bay to get to the Upper Bay. Back in 2013 I posted photos of Mary Virginia here.

Over in Stapleton . . .  Giulianna Maria  . . .  is that an anchoring system?

Crossing Hell Gate and leaving 91st Street Marine Transfer Station behind, Never Enuff seems fishing bound, rod fishing.

Here’s a NJ crab boat.  Note the rake toward the stern.  That’s the Miller’s Launch fleet along the distant shoreline.

And although it carries the name Lobster Boy,

the rakes show they’re going for clams.

Commercial fishing vessels is a hallmark of winter in the sixth boro.

All photos, WVD.

Looking north from the center of the Upper Bay toward southern Manhattan, one might conclude that fishing–a single boat in a spacious sea– in the sixth boro is a lonely trade, until

you turn around and look south.  Tuesday saw more boats in the harbor than usual, including

regulars and ones I’ve never before seen.

like this one.  I couldn’t spot a name on this very basic fishing platform, but

I’d like to.  The lighthouse here and elsewhere is the Robbins Reef light, and farther in the distance is my “logo” Bayonne Bridge, now a limitation to growth of NY/NJ as a container port..

In the background is GMD Bayonne.

Note the KV buoy, Nathan E. Stewart,  and the variety of fish rigs:  here,

here, and

one more.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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