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This is a variation on a post from two years ago.

But I will identify nevertheless . . . at the end of this post.  Excuse the misleading title.

Name the location of this serious sea smoke, aka sea fog.

This is an easy location to guess . . . and the two photos that follow were taken in roughly the same place, same time by a mariner not ready to come in from the cold and identify him or herself.



And finally . . . I took this last year from a commercial airline flight.  It’s an area I know well. I’ve slept down there many night.

And the answers are as follows:

1.  Lake Michigan along the north coast of Chicago at -20 F.

2.  The next three along the Hudson near Kingston.

3.  And the last one of Waterford NY.  Starting from the lower left of the photo, that’s Crescent Lake leading to the right to the hydrodam at Cohoes, and straight up, the Waterford Flight, 6 through 2.  Midphoto is the Hudson leading to Troy . . .  I took the photo on my return from the ice canoe races in Quebec City.  


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