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In writing about our second waterblogger gathering, Soundbounder paid tribute to a a great scientist, inventor, and statesman:  Benjamin Franklin, who spouted profundity on many topics, including beer.   Being more of a oenophile, I’d like to cite what our Sage of the $100 note said about wine: “Take counsel in wine, but resolve afterwards in water.”

Perfect . . . we did take our counsel in beer and wine and resolved to continue our collective efforts to observe, enjoy, and communicate about the waters of sixth boro. The setting was Krevey’s Pier 66, actually a bar/restaurant/club located along with a caboose on a barge in the North River.

In the foto below, from left to right:  Soundbounder, Going Coastal and friends, and A Moveable Bridge and friend.


Bowsprite was still on watch when the meeting got called to order:  notice the VHF and the water bottle.  Some radio prose must have caught Soundbounder’s Matt’s attention.


Fotografers Charlotte and Jerome stopped by.


Patricia, Kaya, and Tugster confab.  Kaya took the image that leads Surfing QE2’s Wake.


Harry and Nancy of  Hudson Kayaker stopped by after paddling and told of the paddling map.

Then a large ship passed with its


unique funnel design and insignia, and changed


the orderly nature of the afternoon.  Soon clothing was rearranged to expose magnificent tattooing like these on  Pino the vintner and Bowsprite and on


Tugster, only some of which were tatted into the skin via Photoshop . . . your guess which.


And some time before dawn, this second irregular gathering of waterbloggers was adjourned, having accomplished all business on the agenda.  ALL.

Fotos here are a commingling of shots by Christina Sun and Will Van Dorp.

Next gathering . . . when it happens.  If you’re inspired to call a meeting at a place and time of your choosing and wish us to publicize and attend, organize it and we will come.  Our only requirement is that setting must be on or near the sixth boro and adjoining waters.

I hope no one reads this post as “kiss and tell” but I had the pleasure last night of gathering in the flesh with a small group of  sixth boro bloggers.  We all exist in multiple communities based on kin, work, geography, futures, and the list could go on; advances in telecommuniputing allow such new forms of gathering as “social networking,” which ushers in new dynamics of face-to-face gathering.  Few of us had met before last night, but we coalesced around our various modes of interacting with the river named for Henry.


Ear Inn seemed an apt location, as the west end of its foundation once marked the bank of our river, now at least 500 feet away.  Yes, our river.


Bloggers below include bowsprite, towmasters, sexinthepublicsquare, and frogma;


messing about in sailboats, peconic puffin Michael and peconic windsurfer Jeff;


A moveable bridge Brian and Karen  and a washed-out-not-washed-up tugster.


Other bloggers represented but (sorry, guys… did anyone get good fotos?) were summittoshore and controlgeek.

Although I know this analogy crumbles a bit, the gathering reminded me of a band, an orchestra like Hungry March Band:  a diverse lot all modulating the same air (and water) and creating something with beauty and meaning (at least to some of us) and interacting with each other in ways that provide communication and deeper understanding among us.


Our waterblogggergathering I hope serves as a prototype; soon we should gather again in a larger space.  I propose a picnic on a piece of the riverbank that would allow for us to commune both on the dry and in the wet, of course, of the six boro.

Waterbloggers unite . . . we have much to gain.

Here’s Michael’s take on the evening . . .  and Bonnie’s with a flickr link.

Images, WVD.

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