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. .. that gray vessel on the Jersey side just north of the Outerbridge, we know what it is, and


that’s Vulcan III at its stern, but what is it doing in the Arthur Kill portion of the sixth boro?  Just curious if anyone out there knows . . .  Here and here are more sites on IX 514.


And this from l’amiga . . . Frances pushing north and Captain D pushing south . . .


kind of a reminder me of a Dr. Doolittle character . . .  pushmi-pullyu . .


I hope a reader can clarify above vessel and procedure.

The first two fotos come compliments of Tony Acabono, and the last two by l’amiga, both of whom I’m grateful to for passing them along.

And to paraphrase the former vizier of defense, there are known unknowns and unknown unknowns . . .  as in these two additional fotos from l’amiga.


I know this is Grey Shark, but will the trucks onboard come back?   What if anything is in them?  If they return, will they be empty?


Any answers to any questions would be quite satisfactory.

La doyenne of tugs on the Canal is Pegasus, of course, vintage 1907.  I substitute this foto–taken over in Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn by Mike Lesser–because I couldn’t get a good shot in the Morris Canal.  Also, in this foto Mike captures two world-famous bloggers, frogma at the stem bitt and [ahem] tugster in his Jacques Cousteau cap.


Being bankside and opting not to trespass, I couldn’t get a better shot of Linda G, circa 1943!    I can’t recall seeing her in the sixth boro, but there’s a lot I miss.


Just east of Linda G was this unidentifed tug with matching paint scheme.  Anyone know the name? [ed:  from Jeff S:    SANDY G. Built @ Halter in 1962 . 58 foot]


Then across to the south side was Vulcan.  That is Ellis Island in the background.  Spot the differences in paint between Vulcan in February 2009 below and

aaaamc11… Vulcan September 2007 over on the East River.


Here ‘s another September 2007 of the Blount-built 1958 vessel.


Here’s a view of Cape Race, featured yesterday, from the south side of the Morris.   SD or DS on  the stack?  Hailing port on the life ring is Halifax.  I’ve no idea whether Cape Race spent time in Newtown Creek, and I wish I could reconstruct which Manhattan neighborhood newspaper had info on Cape Race some months back.  Help?


Thanks for all the comments and tips.  Special thanks to Jim for connecting Bossanova with The Cure for Anything… .  And I know Tim craves more info about Cape Race.

Photos, WVD.

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