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It’s March 1, and that invites a look back to March 2011.

Vinalines Queen  is where I need to start.  Less than two years after I took this photo, the 2005 bulk carrier was lost on a run between Morowali, Indonesia and China with a cargo of nickel ore, with the loss of all hands (22) except one. 

Morowali has 19 nickel smelters.  Nickel ore is considered the most dangerous bulk commodityTwo other nickel ships were lost in December 2010. Here‘s info about the single survivor of the sinking. 

Assist here is provided by Miriam Moran.

Kongo Star was just off the ways when I took this photo;  and the small tanker (13011 dwt) is still working and currently near Rotterdam, in fact, in the town where my father was born.

Entering the KVK, it’s Ross Sea and Houma, each with a barge. Houma was scrapped a few years ago already.  Ross Sea is currently in Philly.

Heron, here passing CMA CGM Puget, was sold to a Nigerian company in 2012.  The 4404 teu ship dates from 2002 and is currently traveling between Korea and Mexico.


Greenland Sea shows her Candies origins.  She may currently be laid up.  Torm Kristina just passed Cape Town, on a run between Asia and South America.  She’s a large handysize crude tanker launched in 1999.

Ron G, now Captain Mark, is docked in Jacksonville.

It was in March 2011 that I first visited Puerto Rico.  In Fajardo, I saw Isla Grande and Cayo Norte.  Both are Blount boats, launched in 1976 and 1995, respectively.   Cayo Norte is still working in Puerto Rico, although I’m not so sure about Isla Grande. 

The 1973 Harvey Gamage is currently near Charleston SC.    Can you recognize the tall ship off her stern?

Of course, it’s Bounty, launched in 1960 and lost over 100 miles SE of Cape Hatteras during Hurricane Sandy.

March 2011 was a busy month.  I’ll post more photos of the month later.

All photos, WVD.


Unpacking a suitcase or knapsack I like to be fast;  unpacking my head after a trip I like to be slow.   The foto (doubleclick enlarges) below I took Christmas morning 7:57 am . . . Hiwassee River under I-75 . . . it was so moody, so unwelcoming of Christmas scenes that I stopped the car on the shoulder just beyond the bridge and ran back to get this foto.  I know you’re not supposed to do that, but  . . .

Notice that I’ve added many new fotos to the Flickr show on the left side of this page, all taken at Old Car City in White, Georgia, a place of ghosts like this one of Hernando de Soto.  His face here looks as disoriented as I felt walking through the

4000 cars haunting this woods.  The image below is interactive.

Obviously I saw cars here, in various states of degradation, but I also saw people from my past.  No . . . I’m  not really a lunatic, but seeing a De Soto I think of the great-uncle who sponsored my father to this country.  Seeing a Hudson I remember Ernie, the farmer from across the valley who drove one unless he was sitting on his Minneapolis Moline face flushed from a combination of sun and hard cider he made himself.

My parents drove me home from my birthplace/hospital in a Plymouth.

Cadillacs and almst all the cars of my youth were  massive, chromeplated, and evocative of greatness with their artdeco decorations.  I could go on, but check the Flickr shots.

I’ve said before . . . Wilmington is a place I’ll go back to next December if not sooner.   Meet Log Dog, launched 1953, (ex-D. E. 51) and

Isco . . . Here’s a foto of Isco from the bank of Eagle Island.

Pelicans . . . I still need to get a foto of a squadron of these guys wingtips skimming the water.  Help me out here:  I recall someone telling me of a pelican sighted on Jamaica Bay last summer.  Anyone see it or hear of it?

Last ones . . .  my March 2011 shots of Vinalines Queen has been getting lots of views the past few weeks.

I’m not sure why, but here are a few I hadn’t published.  I’d love to hear from you.

So  . . . the unpacking continues.  Hope you enjoy the new Flickr shots.

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