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The amazing diversity of traffic on the boro all year round thrills me, like feather-light kayaks gliding past dredgers sucking alluvial ooze from the floor,

one human powered craft yielding to OOCL Verrazano Bridge 4738-teu vessel with almost 60,000 (59764.08…) horsepower,

more kayaks posing with Lucky D and different sullage scooping equipment before

heading north into the habitat of furious ferries, who might change their whole image by slowing down a notch and getting themselves renamed as Tinker Bell and Puck.

On another day, overlaid with haze, more traffic flows:  left to right are Petalouda, Lucky D, Patapsco,  dredge barge GL51, and Sarah Dann.  As to Petalouda, check out the name of the rest of the fleet in the link in the previous sentence.

And on a still hazier day,  Vera K waits as Cosco Boston rounds Bergen Point on its final mile into Port Newark.  That’s the Bayonne Bridge off in the east.

Fotos 2, 3, and 4 many thanks to Vladimir Brezina.  See his comments on “Mixed Use.”  Other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated but you will be thrilled to check out these videos of paddlecam and icecam . . . via peconic jeff, 2010 comes to documenting surfing and ice-skating!!

Along came Vera K, as pretty as a painted tug on a painted ocean, to take Coleridge‘s line–“idle as a painted ship . . .”  totally out of context.  Idle Vera K . . .


is NOT!  Rather she’s quite busy assisting Ralph E. Bouchard move B. No. 230 into


a berth over at IMTT, assisting herself right out of the picture, at least from my point of view.

aaas3All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Yes, you saw this foto in yesterday’s Truman post.  The orange tug is Vera K, stemming until the container ship passed, and then


it rotated to port with


barges of salt for the Atlantic Salt Company ,


salt that on the next icy day could end up on local highways.


If you think the crane looks like the one you saw in past weeks lifting an airplane and some locomotives, it’s not THE crane although it is a Weeks machine,


Weeks 529.  See it at work here.


And as soon as Vera K.’s barges were light, another set came in.    The salt came from a bulk carrier anchored over near Bay Ridge, but I couldn’t get over there for a foto.  Anyone know the origin of the salt?


All images by Will Van Dorp.

days left til the race . . . and Specialist II sprints about,

Laura K flexes line,

Vera K. holds station,

and Dean does what Dean needs to do . . .

Here’s a nose-to-nose contest foto from last year: Nathan E. Stewart v. Lucy Reinauer.

Four is also the number of K-Sea tugs in this foto: from left to right, Adriatic, Baltic, Caribbean, and Aegean.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp unless otherwise stated.

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