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I knew TS Kennedy was in the Upper Bay, but I thought I’d just catch her at anchor.  Then I saw a puff of smoke and

she came around and

met us on a parallel course.

I know this is a digression, but don’t these lifeboats look a bit like well-rounded automobile bodies?

I got these pics I could as we passed

backlit thought they were on a hazy day . . . .

The 1967-launched ex-Velma Lykes, ex-Cape Bon, ex-TS Enterprise was first converted to a training ship about 20 years ago.

My first surprise was the flag banner, although I remembered then that there had been this arrangementGeneral Rudder had been through the sixth boro about a month ago.


I got these photos mid-morning yesterday, and

later in the day, not quite sunset, I checked their location on AIS and had my next surprise . . .

they had raced eastward on the Sound and were nearly past Orient Point making 16 kts!

Happy training.  This ship will be replaced in 2023….

All photos, WVD.

They may be fading, clock ticking until they retire, but they’re still working.  This 277′ x 69′ ferry with limits of 3500 passengers and 40 cars came off the ways in

1965.  New ferries are currently during sea trials down south.  The new ferries will be rated at 4570 passengers and no cars on their 320′ x 70′ hull.

Currently TS Kennedy, training ship at Massachusetts Maritime Academy is in a sixth boro anchorage.  She was launched in 1967 as SS Velma Lykes.  After that she was SS Cape Bon and TS Enterprise.  Her dimensions are 540′ x 76′.

As is true for the ferry Kennedy, TS Kennedy will soon be replaced.  In fact, work has already begun in Philadelphia  for the first of five new training ships.   The new boat, referred to as National Security Multi-Mission vessels, will be 524′ x 89′.

Of course, there’s another Kennedy here . . . . the bridge, which is certainly not fading.

All photos, WVD, who just noticed that TS Kennedy has headed into the East River and as of posting is near Hell Gate.

And then there was Robert Cobb Kennedy and his time in the sixth boro. 

Here are some previous ones.

I caught TS Kennedy anchored in Stapleton yesterday, and

soon thereafter she heaved up anchor and headed for sea . . . for home.

Meanwhile, FS Primauguet, allegedly from Reykjavik, arrived, maybe to check on the current status of this monumental French gift to the people of the US. This is an anti-submarine frigate with a towed array sonar.

She got this far sooner than I had expected.

A few weeks ago, I caught USCGC Seneca (WMEC-906) off Orient Pointe . . .

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who chalks these up to just documentation.


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