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This title goes back to 2006!!  here. Since that time, I’ve been inside one, although not as it free fell into the sea.

It’s standard equipment on vessels of all sorts.  For what’s inside, click here.

Sometimes they make their way inland and form encampments.  Just kidding, but this is an intriguing sight in these photos send along by Sean McQuilken.

If this were an Air B & B, I might consider staying.  Likely these are for sale or are used for training, or both.  Actually, people have turned these into yachts, as in this video.

But the other day when USNS Pomeroy was still in town, I noticed that one of the enclosed lifeboats was beside the hull, floating in the water.  It was no doubt a drill before the T-AKR-316 left town after a thorough refurb. 

Drill complete, crew transferred from the lifeboat into a launch, the lifeboat got hauled back into its cradle, 

and the crew made their way up the long companionway back aboard ship.  

Thanks to Sean for sharing the photos.  Previous photos from Sean can be seen here.  The others, WVD. 

Here’s an article I did on lifeboat drills some years ago.

Tinkering with the digital file, I’ve made SSV Corwith Cramer clearer here than she was to the naked eye as she came through the foggy Narrows yesterday morning.

Maintaining this blog over many years and springtimes  has taught me how much fog is a spring phenomenon.  Here on a clearer day, Corwith Cramer (1987) raced into the Narrows ahead of a near-summer rainstorm.

USNS Pomeroy is always gray, but she’s even grayer in the fogs of spring.

Had the fog not been here, you’d see the cliffs of Manhattan out beyond this car float,

and to my naked, non-corrected, non-digital eyes, Joyce was much less clear than she is here.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who’s grateful for assistance with photo manipulation tools.

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