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I had a different post and an entirely different morning planned, until I looked at AIS, and saw that after almost exactly four years, Big Lizzie (HMS Ro8) was inbound.  So whose was this when 

these were coming into view?

More specifics in the link above the first photo, but check out the info here

“But sir, I’ve been fighting this trophy striper . . . !”


Notice Stockham (T-AK-3017) in the distance?


Why eight?

Danmark, owned by the Danish Maritime Authority,  is simply called that;  although a naval training ship, it does not go by Margrethe II.   More photos of Danmark appeared own this blog earlier this week. 


Note a second helicopter now?


Wednesday and Thursday the “Atlantic Future Forum” will occur no doubt right  there. 

Kirby has the stern as they Ro8 enters the nUpper Bay.

HMS Richmond (F239) escorts Queen Elizabeth in. 

All photos, any errors, WVD.


Taxes pay for all these vessels, for the common good.

NYPD has a fleet.  Anyone know how many  boats make up the NYPD “floating plant”?

NYC has two ferry fleets, the orange one and this newer one, NYCF.  Anyone know when the first new-generation Staten Island ferry will arrive in the sixth boro?  Does NYCF really have 30 boats or is it 20?  I’ve read both numbers.  

Passing a westbound Cape Canaveral ,

this NY State Police launch passes one of another NYC fleet, a DEP tanker.

There’s also a federal fleet in the area.  This 49′ BUSL is about to disappear on the far side of a ULCV . . .

and then over the horizon.

The USCG has even smaller AToN tenders,

like this one on the inland side of NY.

Recently calling in Stapleton, it’s Sycamore (WLB-209), and off her port side is 47′ MLB Sandy Hook. 


All photos, WVD.


CB, you might recall, is “Chicago bound,” and we have now arrived, lingered, and turned back.  In a few days, another series will start, keyed to that journey.

Below . . .I guess we could have a contest to “name that boat or situation below.”

Then there’s Jim Ratcliffe‘s Hamilton I . . . 17 crew for 12 passengers and the smaller of his yachts.

Summer is winding down also, so this post is mostly devoted to recreational boats.  Sweet Evelyn offers an interesting niche not occupied in NYC.

Skyline Queen gets the prize for unusual paint job.

The small USCG boats train throwing a monkey’s fist.

A charming Chris Craft Sea Skiff comes and


Kayaks go out to surround Big Eagle, 

and Lacey Kay heads down bound from Detroit.

Happy Labor Day weekend if you’re not laboring.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.


Here are previous iterations of this title.

Well, in fresh water like the Upper Saint Lawrence, they look like this, from a photo by Jake Van Reenen.

In salt water, even small outboard work year round.  There are boom boats,

patrol boats,

more boom boats,

clam-digging boats,

small island supply boats,

fishing boats,

police boats,

. . . and 29′ Defiant boats.

Top photo credit to Jake;  all others by Will Van Dorp.


A combo of current and breeze makes for spectacular splash . . .

And in a place of such clear water and natural beauty . . .

it’s uplifting.

Even with stolid lakers like John J. Boland and American

Mariner, this interplay of forces makes a display.

Small boats appear nearly submerged.



This appears to be a training chase . . .

It’s not surprising the original inhabitants thought this place was Eden.

All photos by will Van Dorp.


ENDS THIS AFTERNOON . . .  I had planned something else for today, but this auction ends in just a few hours.  Impulse buy anyone?

taken October 2010 at Mystic Seaport

As of this morning, high bid is just under $10,000.  Some details here:  “1962 Gibbs Corp. Growler Harbor and icebreaking tug. HIN: WYTL-65606; Length: 64~11″; Beam: 19~1″; Draft: 9~; Builder: Gibbs Corporation, Jacksonville, FL; Machinery: 3,690 mile range; Electronics: SPN-11 detection radar. Vessel is listed in salvage condition. Vessel is not taking on water.”

taken September 2011 at Sixth Boro’s tugboat race

Photos by Will Van Dorp, who’s NOT bidding.  For a previous Growler post with links, click here.   For another WYTL breaking ice on the Hudson a few years back, click here.

Back to Ingrid’s photos tomorrow.

The little-used adjective fleet is appropriate here.   And when something goes amiss in the diverse workplaces of the sixth boro, it’s great to have the fleetest responders there are. The amusement park on the beach in the background identifies the location as Coney Island.  In fact, the responders towed the vessel out to deeper water while dewatering.  No passengers were on board at the time of the emergency, water ingress portside engine room.  All’s well that end’s well.

MV Zelinsky worked in San Francisco waters from at least 2007 until last summer. I’m guessing it arrived in the harbor aboard a ship . . .

Many thanks to New York Media Boat for photo and information. And hat’s off to the responders from USCG, FDNY, and NYPD.

Here are previous fleetest posts.


All photos today come thanks to John Huntington.  Check out his new site here, one which I mentioned a week and a half ago here.

Here are the basics on what you are looking at, mostly from John’s caption:  “FAR ROCKAWAY, QUEENS, NEW YORK CITY, NY/USA – FEBRUARY 25, 2016: The 24 meter (78 foot) scallop fishing vessel the Carolina Queen III, rests in surf in the Atlantic Ocean off Far Rockaway on the Rockaway peninsula of the borough of Queens in New York City. The boat ran aground at about 2am and all the crew were safely evacuated by the US Coast Guard.”   Of course, there are also the related stories about the USCG 25′ RIB attempting a rescue and capsizing in the 10-12′ seas, and its crew, trained and geared up for such a possibility, safely swimming to shore;  and the rescue of Carolina Queen III crew by helicopter.  Photos here.  A number of the RIBs can be seen here.


Salvage plans are underway.  The fishing vessel–to my untrained eye–seems to have held up well, a tribute to its builders as well as to the fact of coming ashore on the sand.  Those builders are responsible for two of the newest tugboats in the sixth boro as well.


I’m sure the owners and crew of the vessel feel sick right now.

FAR ROCKAWAY, QUEENS, NEW YORK CITY, NY/USA – FEBRUARY 25, 2016: The 24 meter (78 foot) scallop fishing vessel the Carolina Queen III, rests in heavy surf in the Atlantic ocean off Far Rockaway on the Rockaway peninsula of the borough of Queens in New York City. The boat ran aground at about 2am and all the crew were safely evacuated by the US Coast Guard.



But looking at John’s remarkable photos, I’m struck by their allure.  The calm water, patches of blue sky, reflection of a beautiful machine misplaced on soft sand  . . .  contrast sharply with how the scene must have appeared to the crews Wednesday night when the wind and spray made the decks feel like hell, a time of uncertainty and fear.


I’ve previously done a set of posts on a vessel ashore here.  And from South Africa four years ago, these photos from Colin Syndercombe and another fishing boat astrand.

Thanks again to John Huntington for use of these photos.

For a photo of Rodriguez Boatbuilders’ 2015 James E. Brown, click here and scroll.

For a sense of how shipwreck has attracted photographers of four generations of a British family, click here.




Condolences to the family, comfort to the survivors, and


gratitude to the rescuers.


Here’s a Newsday account.  And here the NYTimes article.  The photos above I took in 2011 and 2010.

Other photos I’ve taken of Sea Bear can be seen here and here.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

In the Lower Bay, NYS Environmental Conservation police confer with NYPD.


Motor Lifeboat 47264 . . . was delivered from this Louisiana shipyard in late July 2000, and


looks brand new.


This Buffalo district survey vessel is barely half year old, and named for


a surveyor with a long career of service all over the watery parts of the globe.


This 45′ response boat medium was delivered to Oswego this year.


Sylvan Beach air boat.


Tappan Zee V . . . I know no more about this vessel–a retired US boat ??–than I did last time I had a photo of her.


Here Oswego Marine One trains in the Oswego River.




All photos by Will Van Dorp.


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