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Know the city?

Know this city?  The clue lies in WTGB number, 107 v. 105.  And in the nearer, smaller vessel below.

It’s New York and Detroit, two capitals of different enterprises.  Click here for more Detroit police boats.

Both cities have an Ambassador Bridge, although

the one in New York spends less than 24 hours in port whenever she appears.  Bunkering there thanks to Sassafras.

Here’s Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge, Canadian tug John Spence heading southbound in that direction.

But these days, Detroit has some New York doesn’t . .  snow.  After a slight dusting in October that was gone the next day, the sixth boro has sen no snow!  Of course, that could all change very quickly, and to say no snow does NOT mean warm, calm weather.   Snow was blowing so hard across the Detroit River this weekend that this ore carrier couldn’t be identified.  (It’s Lee A. Tregurtha, Baltimore-built.  Thanks Ken.)

Great Republic could.

This is the first year the 31-year-old vessel has operated under that name, ex-American Republic.

CSL Niagara is a fleetmate cousin of the frequent visitor to the sixth boro, Alice Oldendorff.  Note the self-unloading gear.  I’ve gotten over my affection for Alice.

Here are more American lakers, Adam E. Cornelius and

Roger Bough Blough.   Enjoy these additional fotos of Roger Blough, possibly now laid-up for the winter.

Here’s a Baltimore-built classic  Michipicoten.

Many thanks to Ken Bailey for these Detroit fotos;  Will Van Dorp took the sixth boro ones.

More news from Detroit, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge has been sent to jail.  Info here.

Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities has one of the most memorable opening lines in English literature.  Know it?  

Ridley, a RIB, and a Monk 36 at the Narrows.  Interestingly, last Sunday night this same Monk 36 tied up in Amsterdam, NY, headed east and then south.

At the same moment, APL Sardonyx follows the Ambrose Channel outbound.

Eagle Atlanta crew test the fire hoses.

Glen Cove waits south of the Statue with more Megrant equipment.

Charles D. McAllister spins the bow of Gulf Pearl for a short jaunt to the east in the KVK.

A RIB compares orange with Torm Tevere, and

and with Michele Jean, sporting a fresh coat of orange . . . and a port of registry painted on its stern.  Kimberly Turecamo assists, along with

Laura K. Moran, here about to disappear behind Stadt Gera.

And finally, is the boom boat here carrying the dock line ashore?

All fotos taken today by Will Van Dorp, who did Two Hours of the Hudson 3 here a quarter year ago.

Thomas J. Brown passes a Penguin on the way to the yard, westbound on the KVK.

Thomas J. (Gladding-Hearn 1962) is a classic.  At this link is an account of a day in the life of Thomas J crew, as told by John Soltes.  Penguin is less than three years old, made in China.

Morro Bay in springtime contrasts sharply with her image three months back, icebreaking on the upper Hudson.

Anyone know the year 140′ Morro Bay was launched?

Odin may not be a classic, but she is certainly unique, a bit of  exotic

technology in the harbor.  The 1982 tug is one of my favorites.

Zodiac PLUS Irish Sea (ex-Clipper, 1969).

The zodiac seemed to be doing drills off Morro Bay.

Scott C dates from 2007.

Here Scott C crosses Cape Cod, a staple of shortseashipping in the sixth boro.  In the link on shortsea… previous sentence, you are treated to bowsprite’s delightful eutopic visions for humanizing the sixth boro, unlike the dytopic view Alexis Rockman projects as a cautionary tale.

Closing shot:  a mystery tug, place and fotografer to be disclosed soon.

All fotos (almost) here by Will Van Dorp, in the past week.

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