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This is one of my last KVK photos of Ireland.  Eventually, a few years ago, she went upstate to Lake Ontario for repowering and much more.  She’s currently in the NYS canals, heading back towards the sixth boro, down the Hudson but then past and all the way to the Mississippi River watershed.  So if you’re north of the boro in the next few days, be on the lookout for  . . .  Hoppiness!!  See the end of this post.

In May 2013, I spotted this yacht coming in through the Narrows;  Nomada, it turns out, began life in 1943 as a Canadian navy tug, seen here. I’m not sure of Nomada‘s whereabouts today.

Specialist was getting spa treatment here, a few years before her tragic demise. 

Doro aka Dorothy J was at the same spa that day. 

Doris Moran towed in a new floating dry dock for Caddells, with James Turecamo steering the stern. 

State of Maine was in the boro.  As of this posting, she’s NE bound off Long Island about a hundred miles from the sixth boro, if I’m not in a time warp.  By the way, TS Empire State VII is still being completed on the Delaware, and will be making her maiden arrival in the boro in the summer, at a date so far not published. 

Speaking of Maine, I had a memorable sojourn in Belfast just a decade ago, and took in all the collections at Maine Maritime Museum.  It’s likely high time I get back there. 

During the 15 years I spent in the northern two-thirds of New England, boats like these were often on my mind and in my view.

In May 2013, Zumwalt DDG-1000 was in its final stages of completion. 


As of this morning, as was the case a decade ago, Fournier Tractor was ready for action in Belfast harbor. 

And here from the NYS Canals, photos of Hoppiness eastbound taken by a westbound yacht delivery captain . . .

Check out their progress on FB.  They’re likely transiting the middle portion of the the state canals today.

All photos except the last two, any errors, WVD.


Below is a photo of State of Maine taken off Antwerp, Belgium,  on 12 July 2016 and used with permission.


Another recent visit to the sixth boro by an ocean academy training ship happened on July 19.


The photo above and below were taken by Lew.  Golden Bear is currently steaming SW 100 nm off SW Puerto Rico, headed home.


These photos prompted me to look up the location of Empire State, which should be headed home for the fall semester as well.  It was west of the Azores and headed west as of this writing.  Kings Pointer is home, but I think I caught a smudge of it on the Sound a little over a week ago.  Currently State of Michigan is headed south into the Soo, and earlier this month (5July), I saw her headed south past Wyandot MI toward Lake Erie . . .


so they’ve been around.   General Rudder— formerly known as Kings Pointer and other names–is headed SE in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve not seen her in Texas A & M livery.  And finally, TS Kennedy is in homeport, Buzzards Bay.

For the top photo, thanks to Ron Van Maanen via Aleksandr Mariy.  Golden Bear photos come from Lew.    And only the last one is mine.


Type the word training into the search window to the left on this page and you’ll get a variety of posts, as here.  And truth be told, many other options exist for summer training and sea time for ocean academy students;  I met cadets from at least three on my “go west” trip.  Yesterday David Silver got me advance notice of when this training ship would leave port;  thanks to him, I got these photos.


Kimberly Turecamo assisted, as did Julia Miller and Amy C McAllister.




By 1230 Friday, she was west of the Brooklyn Bridge and headed for sea,




for Maine, and by


this posting, she’s already east of Cape Cod.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Click here to watch David Silver’s 20-minute video of her departure from pier side.


It was a rainy day and I was giving some friends a tour of the city,  intending to leave the camera in the waterproof bag . . . but how could I pass up a foto like this . . . “spring-showers” washed-out colors notwithstanding.


Schooner Virginia was in town.  As of this writing, it’s anchored south of the George Washington Bridge.   Two very different places I’ve seen Virginia in the past year are here in tropical waters and here in her home waters.   I’d loved to have been on the tug HMS Liberty at this moment.



Here’s where I first caught sight of her . . . approaching tug Liberty Service lightering Amalthea.


Another delight in port was T/S State of Maine, by now headed south for the 2013 training cruise . . . with San Juan as its southernmost destination.



Also in port . .  Prisco Elizaveta and Atlantic Jupiter.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who in the course of the day, was so thoroughly and delightfully showered upon that the clothes are still wet

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