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It’s no surprise that the last time I used this title happened also in the spring.  Morning sun . . . and Gramma Lee T gets paired with her own shadow.

Later, Laura K passes Gramma Lee T.  Laura K escorts in NYK Nebula whereas Gramma Lee T stands by Torm Venture, which

casts its orange haze onto wavelets, coloring in some of their planes beyond the buffleheads.

Nebula stays in port only enough time to shift some containers and then heads back to sea, and another port.   Savannah?  Click here for a global set of NYK ship fotos assembled by an aptly-named “hive mind.”

Weeks 533 –veteran of posts with locomotive and Airbus A320 liftings, heads out the easat end of KVK, powered by a a motley pair,  brace made

up of Robert IV and Weeks Kathleen.  Here are fotos of 533 righting Stellamare after its 2003 accident in Albany.  Compliments of  Tom Whittemore, here are more fotos of Weeks 533 “uncapsizing” Stellamare.

Before a skyline dominated by GS in Jersey and Empire State in Manhattan, here go Lucy (farther) and Curtis Reinauer.  (Previous names for the pair, respectively, include May McGuirl, Morania No. 7;  and Delaware. )

while in the very close, a pair of mallards floats past, the greener head of the two eying the lens.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, clearly taken this week before the late winter monsoon moved in.

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