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. . . and beyond.  Let’s start with August 7, 2008 . . . up by the Iroquois lock of the Seaway.  And Canadian Provider . . .  well . . . in 2013 she was towed to Aliaga as OVI, and scrapped. Note that she’s a straight-decker . . . no self-unloading gear.

August 14 . . . reef-making consisted of sinking subway cars.  These went off Atlantic City.  To see their condition now, click here.

August 16 in the Arthur Kill, Volunteer was off to remake the tow.  Built in 1982, she met the scrappers earlier this year.

August 20 . . . Laura K and Margaret–I believe –have just helped Glasgow Express to Howland Hook terminal.  Glasgow (2002) is still at work, and so are Laura K (in Savannah) and Margaret in the sixth boro.

August 23 . . . Colleen McAllister and Dean Reinauer bring a barge through the Gate, reading for the Sound.  Colleen is now owned by for Port City Tug Company of Grosse Point.  Has anyone seen her in operation?  Dean went to Nigeria aboard Blue Marlin. 

Christine M McAllister stands by in Erie Basin on August 24.  This 6000hp tug is currently working down south of here.

August 27 . .  . the reclusive Susan E. Witte eastbound and Adriatic Sea westbound.  Beyond Adriatic, that might be Aegean.  Adriatic is currently on a tow on the 2000+ stretch of Ocean between Honolulu and Kwajalein!  Can someone confirm this?  Nine years ago, I caught Adriatic near the Bear Mountain Bridge here (scroll).

August 29 . . . Coral Sea westbound, while later in the same day,

the scarcely-seen up here Paul T Moran heads for the Bridge while Maryland approaches from that direction.  Coral Sea has gone to West Africa, Maryland has become Liz Vinik, and Paul T stays mostly around the Gulf.

The Tugboat Races and other contests were on the 31st that year.  Here Justin shows good style hitting that bollard.

HMS Liberty mixes it up with some real history.  Edith went down to Trinidad and the venerable Dorothy Elizabeth (1951) was scrapped the next year. Liberty is still in the sixth boro.

And to close it out . . . the 1907 Pegasus made a showing at the races that year.  She’s laid up on the morris Canal so far as I know.


I hope you enjoyed these walks through waters no longer here.

Now my big announcement:  as this posts, I’m on board Grande Mariner for the next seven weeks, Chicago bound.  I will post when I can with what photos I can.  But I’ve done that before.  GWA (Going west again) was my series title last year.  You have to read this one about my role on the vessel.   GW was the title I used in 2016.

Maybe this year it should TGWYA . . . thank god i’m going west again . . .  Anyhow . . . this is my version of a “gone fishing’ sign.



Crow languishes here in Port Newark.


A detail-impoverished foto of Manson Construction‘s hopper dredge Glenn Edwards along with tug Kendall J. Hebert.  Actually Samantha Miller is hiding in the haze near starboard stern of the dredge, anchored in Gravesend Bay.


Click here for a coloful foto of Kendall J. Hebert.


Some of the other boats I’ve seen recently are Susan E. Witte,


Katherine,  (Last summer I caught Katherine pulling a dredge scow in Morehead City, North Carolina)



Pati R. Moran, 


Ron G, which I first read as Rong.  Often she’s in Philadelphia.


Gabby L Miller,


Miriam Moran returning to base after retrieving the docking pilot,


And finally, a boat I’ve never seen before . . . Navigator.  Anyone know her story?  I took this foto Sunday morning.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

days left . . . Curtis and Meredith do the doe-see-doe. Might Meredith be relaxing before the sprint?

And Catherine T and Miriam allemand left grand right ‘n left.

A foto from last year: Cornell and Janice Ann in North River whitewater.

Don’t know if you saw the notice “In Search of the Toughest Tug” in the NYTimes this morning? In the fourth paragraph, the reference to a female pirate luring urbanites to sea intrigues me. Might her name be Alice? Might she look like the foto below? If so, I’ll be lured.

All fotos, Will Van Dorp

Blogging can be like fishing. I might intend to catch blues but a frisky striper would delight me too. On the water I fotograf what I see on a given day, but I also read the blogs listed to the left. As I drank coffee this morning, my inspiration time, I stumbled across this foto. Aha! I thought, I’ll postpone my latest Alice ramble–she approaches, as Ahab would say of the whale– a day and I can mine my library without resorting to “…the line locker” title.



I’ve wanted to use this foto since I took it a month ago to convey that container ships have no politics. Business is business, and containers from two countries that have no diplomatic relations can coexist cheek by jowl on a trans-oceanic voyage just fine. Yes, I mean the blue one and the orange one second level up.



Notice the blue writing on the white house above: it says Miss Leslie, proving that dock workers, like tugsters, seafarers and dairy farmers anthropomorphize the machines and sentient beings of their labor. Cool. Hey, I’d be eager to work with Miss Leslie any day. Know any other profession that does this?



“National mood” prohibits much fotografing inside a port, but on the right extreme of this shot is a straddler, a machine with vertically oriented frame, a motor and fingers that carry a specific container to a crane for loading aboard ship just in time. Below is a closeup of a straddler. The operator sits in the glass cabin (as shown in Scale) top middle but with his back to the port side. They speed around the container field holding containers like squirrels moving nuts to a winter cache. Their diesel engines, though, add to the particulate-dense air already in the port environs… eeek, cough, hack!



Finally, check here and here for the tanker White Sea aground off the Narrows hauling fuel not into but out of the port, half a million barrels of it. As of this posting, White Sea remains aground.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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