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The glimpse I caught while crossing westbound on the Verrazano Bridge told me to head for Fort Wadsworth:  fog with defined geographical boundaries lay at least 175′ deep over the waters’ surface at the Narrows.  Once standing on the overlook at the fort, the stacks of  two vessels (l to r) Stuttgart Express and Celebrity Summit seemed not unlike the sails of two submarines, sub-fogs in this case.

Celebrity Summit was crawling forward bellowing like a lost bovine and

as it sank deeper, left a distinct wake.

When I say geographical boundaries, I mean dynamic ones, and they expanded upward as I watched.

Keeping watch over this shifting masses with me were the previously mentioned ‘scapegoats, the ones minding the grassroots, poison ivy roots,  . . . any sorts of roots on the slopes near the Fort.

After convincing the watchers that I was no more interested in their political predictions as in anyone else’s,  the spokesgoat suggested I follow Celebrity Summit‘s path to the stable, as he phrased it.

And this seemed as good a location as available.  Ongoing bellowings from the vessel confirmed my choice.

Celebrity Summit moves stern first into BCLCT.

The rising sun began to cut through the fog and project a golden sheen onto the low clouds lying on the waters of the Upper Bay.

Pegasus (last seen here last week) makes for the North River . . . taking the Celebrity Summit‘s bow.   Here’s a foto of Celebrity Summit sans fog and post-Irene.

Guiding Summit through much of her voyage through the fog is Laura K. Moran (I believe).

All fotos yesterday by Will Van Dorp.

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