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aka Naismith gear.  And where is this industrial


At, in, or  on  Stolt Invention.  And what is Stolt Invention, you might wonder?

She’s a parcel tanker and midday today she left the sixth boro bound for sea, bound for some scrimmage somewhere in mid-ocean somewhere.  Yes, that’s Siberian Sea (1980, ex-Heidi E. Roehrig, Matthew, Star Avjet)  , but she seems to lack the Naismith gear.  

I wonder if all the NYK Stolt tankers have hoops?  Might the entire global fleet be divided into leagues?  Is there a draft?  Are rendezvous points established in mid-ocean for competitions?

Be on the lookout for a basketball court with cargo capacity coming your way soon.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Related:  Read “deepwater writing”‘s description of a ship he visited recently in “ship envy.”  Along with quite interesting links, he includes great details about his tour of a Norwegian vessel that featured spacious quarters, a gyn, and a room for karaoke and music.

Unrelated:  For a 19-minute Fred Vloo video of Rotterdam harbor, showing a wide variety of vessels, click here.

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