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This follows on a post from six years ago entitled “dog and badger, which you can read here.

Really the post is about SS Badger, the last of the Great Lakes car ferries.  There is Pere Marquette 41, of course, and although I’ve seen her on AIS, I’ve never laid eyes on the real deal.  If anyone has good photos of Undaunted with the good Pere, I’d love to share them here.

But back to Badger.  This time I positioned myself to get a good shot of the anchor drop.

Here’s the best I got.

Then I saw the westbound trucks depart.

Waiting to be eastbound was this first time scene (for me):  a farm tractor in line for Ludington.

The weather changed dramatically while Badger was in port.

Below, two hours after the first shot in this post . . . here’s the car ferry departing . . .

and sure enough the John Deere was aboard, bound for Michigan.


And as she sailed out into the lake, for a long while I heard the plaintive fog whistle each two minutes . . . warning other traffic out there of its movement.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.


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