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Here was RS 11.  This one might be called two hours on the Narrows, as that was the time I could linger there before feeling pressed to get elsewhere . . . like to earn a living.  First, let the record show that Sichem Defiance remains as of early January 28, nearly three weeks after the incident.   Alongside her is tanker Ben, which itself has ABC-1, McAllister Responder, and Defiance, all tied up to starboard.

The light is all wrong on this shot, but the starboard bow of Ben seems quite rusted or discolored.

Torm Gunhild offloads to barge Patriot, tended by Donald C.

Sun Road heads for Newark Bay.

Cosco Melbourne races a pilot boat in as

crew prepare for docking.

An OOCL container vessel suddenly looms around Norton Point, revealing

itself as OOCL Hong Kong, here cruising past SCF Pechora.

And as she passed, a member of the crew watched from a hatch.

Finally, Atlantic Concert headed in as tugboat Virginia (ex-Bayou Babe)  headed out, and I headed off to work.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  I just got a comment from one of the kayakers I fotoed a few days back;  in his comment, Vlad sent a link to the fotos HE took from the kayak.  See them here.  I wish I had seen the container ship OOCL Verrazano Bridge.

Note: listing Sichem Defiance fotos at end of post.

Last week on New Year’s Eve I had on two T-shirts in the 66 degrees; three days later the temperature there dropped to 17, warmer than it was this morning in New York’s sixth boro.  But does that stop work?

No way! Torm Margarethe arrives and

Doris Moran heads out for the assist.  See a video of a high-pressure assist from a Belgian tug here.

Less than an hour later the duo heads for the Kill Van Kull.  For outatowners, the tall building in the distance just forward of the bow is the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower aka the Willie, built in 1927.

Another landmark in lots of my fotos (here just beyond the bow) is Jrsey City’s Goldman Sachs Tower, which lacks a nickname as far as I know.  Anyone offer one?  The architect was Cesar Pelli, who also designed Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.  The Empire State Building is visible also.  But I digress;  perhaps my brain froze

as did the extremities of these crew.  Cold weather–not a time you want things to go awry, but

something went amiss with Sichem Defiance, where a tank blew, calling for the attention of emergency responders and

this list, and

then even more responders.

Hats off to the responders!  Hats off twice for the quick response.  On second thought:  keep the hats and gloves on, but nice job, guys, and thanks.

For the fearless-of-frigid-foundering friend called Bowsprite’s  post about ice-breaking on the Raritan River, click here.

All fotos fresh from the deep freeze by Will Van Dorp.

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