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This post is dedicated to one of my most devoted readers/commenters.  It’s you, Mage!

Actually, this is what 3000 people stuck in traffic looks like.  Carnival Fantasy was scheduled to sail at 4 pm New Years Day, but two incoming vessels had priority.  Here was 4:18.  Note the red flag hanging from the bow.



5:31 and some dolphins had just glided by.



6:02, and when the shore crew slipped the line over the bollard, passengers cheered from the upper deck.  Thrusters move it laterally, Bahamas bound.

6:09.  Notice the car carrier Hoegh Brasilia that has assumed a place directly astern of Fantasy at the Union Pier Terminal.

6:12.  Notice the tug (Ann Moran?) assisting Brasilia.

6:15.  Fantasy in reverse.

6:19.  I imagine the lines of the Ravenel Bridge as masts and sails.  Well, if I squint, of course.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who will post more “road fotos” tomorrow.

Rumor circulated that fireworks would scintillate over Yorktown on the opposite side of the Cooper, so we made our way to the river behind where revelers in evening dress emerged from stretch-Hummers, over by the container port

where Fairload was the only vessel in port.

We waited on the pier accompanied, we thought, only by a night bird as

fog moved in. Yorktown disappeared, as did the Bridge. But sounds intensified: music from the balls and bars, drunken whoops and hollers, popping blasts of pyrotechnics, a deep exhalation followed by another … and two dolphins swam by in the pier light.

Who needs fireworks, I thought, when the contented sighs of mammals can fill the night. Bring on morning to light up the the likes of WLIC 75301 (a class I’ve not seen before)  Anvil

and day birds.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who finds iPad WordPress app uncooperative.

Last sunset of 2010 in Charleston, SC, sees YM Seattle headed for sea in the distance and

pilot boat Fort Moultrie (another Gladding Hearn vessel of the … no surprise … Charleston class) waiting for the next job.

Happy New Year!

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