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Planet 9 was in the boro for some time, and actually recently left.  Specs can be found here, although I don’t know if it’s currently for sale or just changed hands.  I suspect it’s the former. At any rate it’ll change hands for a mere $100 million.

I’m not sure how large a fleet is included with the 2018 yacht. I’ll get back to it in a bit.  Planet 9, as one might expect, is larger than Cloud 9.

A slightly older yacht, the 1997 Corinthian, was headed down river a while back

After a long sojourn in the boro, the 2010 Jamaica Bay headed south recently as well. 

In terms of relative size, let me rank then:  Planet 9, 240′ loa; Jamaica Bay, 196′; and Corinthian, 128′ .  Also, notice relative size of the 4720 hp Dylan Cooper and the 3600 hp Planet 9

By way of contrast, behold Sally IV, pronounced as “sally forth,” a yacht built by ACF, American Car and Foundry, a company that still manufactures railroad rolling stock.  “Car” in the name refers to rail cars.  She dates from 1927, and is said to be the last remaining 54′ loa ACF sedan, truly a classic.

Structurally she’s all wood although her hull was C-flexed in 1978.  Here’s more info–with my annotations–from her self-described current steward:  “She was purchased from the floor of the 1929 boat show in NYC by the owner of Coca-Cola bottling in NOLA.  He put her on a train to JAX.”  Imagine what else was on the NYC boat show in 1929.  And I’m picturing the locomotive of that vintage rolling stock!  And 1929, that was the year Coca-Cola eliminated cocaine from the recipe for the drink.

“She then cruised around to NOLA, where she has resided till now.  She remained in corporate ownership until about 1955, when she was sold to a couple that lived aboard in Madisonville LA.  They lived on her until 1968, when the husband passed.  Ally McIver bought her from the widow and put her in the Baham Shipyard for a year or so. I have carpenter invoices…..$2.25 per hour.  In 1978 Ally and Bill Seaman C-Flexed her properly, with added ribs and sound hull.  I have a pic somewhere of them, covered in 3M 5200, holding 1/4” trowels and dipping 5200 out of a 5 gallon bucket.  In 1989 I went to work with Ally and fell in love with Sally IV.  In 1998 I bought half and we’re partners. We wired the house, added a 8 k Northern Lights, 2 marine airs, water heater, etc.  In 2010 Ally passed.  I’m her current steward.   The work never ends.”  I’ll bet, but what a treasure!  She is an all-American beauty.


Many thanks to capttmatt for the photos of Sally IV.  All others, WVD.

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