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This is my 99th post in 110 days; I enjoy researching the posts, blogging about them, and especially being read: over 5800 readings, 54 comments, a dozen plus new friends from the blog and reaffirmation of friendship from people I long have known in the flesh! If you read this and like it, email the link to three of your friends today: I want to break 6000.
It’s exhilarating to feel a sense of a sixth borough community. Top of my list is frogma, the sixth borough’s very own nereid. And she passes along this musical event for Sunday: a group called Waterways, second notice down on that link.

Getting back to some loose odds ‘n ends seems the best for this post. A photo just surfaced in my filing; I looked everywhere for it while writing Boatyard Triage. It’s Jarr D-E pre dismantling and afloat winter late 2005. I’d still like to find some history of the vessel that is no more.



Pirate flags are popular on many recreational boats. I hardly expected one on Chancellor on its way to a Roundup pushing contest. By the way, does anyone know of tugs making their way into folk or country or maritime music? I know of none. Any songwriters looking for collaboration?



The dock crane below is all I could see left of the Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock at Kearny Point on the Hackensack just north of where that river and the Passaic converge. On that link, check the other local (mostly disappeared) shipyards. We’ve all heard the reasons that make Korea, Japan, and China the top three shipbuilders in the world today. Another $80 million ship every 4 days!@!# Fifty years from now where might the busiest yards be?


Below, a shot of Stad Amsterdam, one of many tall sailing ships that visit the East River even in the 21st century. You saw her figurehead here.


Last one for now, the helm of the Coast Guard’s Eagle; lots of helmsfolk there. I need that to keep my blog on its original course.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.

As nurses, my sisters (hi sisters!!) could tell me a lot about triage. One thing I know, though, is that not all can be saved. Here (thanks to Richard) is a series taken over three days. My frustration is that I had a photo of this very tug afloat about a year ago, and I deleted it because of space considerations. Anyone recognize her?  Answer follows.


One clue is on the forward portion of the wheelhouse, JARR D-E, a sort of CRO.


Wooden afterhouse smashed to kindling and the wheelhouse peeled back…


then hydraulic jaws of the Deere start to snip to bow from the rest of the hull.



I turn my eyes. I can’t bear to watch. What dramas unfolded here long ago.

Again a clue on the after port side although I can’t make out whether it says “girlshoe” or “girlshop” and what either could possibly refer to.


Hey frogma, don’t you think the lines on this be-barnacled bottom are sweet? Under the growth and scale, there may even be a signature. More performance art?

And the ID is:  Russell 15 243458. Steel single screw tug built 1940 at Brooklyn, NY, by the Liberty DDCoInc as hull no. 40 for the Newtown Creek Towing Co. 80.2 x 22.6 x 9.9; 142 gt, 95 nt. 8 cylinder Superior Diesel, 14.5 x 20, 750-bhp. Later Annawan YN-50, Dennis McAllister, Kosnac Girls, and Jarred E.

Thanks to Richard Hudson for these photos.

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