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A year ago, I wrote here about my following in Rip van Winkle‘s footsteps, hiking to the summits in search of the ghosts with the keg of purple magic liquor.  This post stays at river level, where sights appear like a 50’ Issuma hustling along with only slightly-shorter  Rosemary Ruth on the hip.   By the way, notice Issuma’s homeport Whitehorse:  “issuma” is the Inuktitut word for knowledge, idea, wisdom or mind.

Before the river was called “hudson” it was called “mohican knee took,” if I might spell it out that way.  It’s still a place of magic, visual charm here as Cynthia Pioneer heads north past Rondout Light.

Hudson River or not, Allyson Ann is a genuine Beals Island lobster boat, a charming apparition that can sweeten anyone’s day or night.

Atlantic Coast pushes building material south, material quarried from holes obscured in the distance midlevels by suspicious looking clouds.

Saugerties Light lies below the high peaks, a B & B where you can reserve a room if you dare;  whatever would it be like to sleep straight through here for 20 years.

GDM 264 is a specialty you’ll not often see . . . a cement suction barge.

The river banks this time of year possess themselves and you with a few days of natural alchemy, which

draws you in with wondrous ruins.  More on the gift of ruins soon.

For a short intro to Hudson Valley legends and place-name explanations, click here.

But if you can, get out and dance to the fall splendor before its music ceases for a year.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who has abstained from from Rip’s purple magic liquor . . . and had an extra cup of coffee instead.

Issuma has traveled off four continents in the past two years:  Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.  In the past year alone, Issuma‘s landfalls have included Argentina and Nunavut.  Yet, Issuma‘s skipper Richard Hudson has logged hundreds of hours sailing in the sixth boro, as well.  His tow, the vessel slinging here on the towline–for sale–is none other than the charming Rosemary Ruth.

Issuma is Richard’s third schooner.  See all the stories from Issuma back to Orbit II (which now lies thousands of feet below the surface of the North Atlantic between Iceland and Ireland)  here.

Here Richard and Gabriela pose in front of the two schooners at anchor off Thomas Cole-base, Catskill.

Issuma–unstepped mast lying cabintop–by now might be off farther north and west, headed for Toronto before winter closes the Erie Canal.  The tow will be left behind in Catskill, awaiting a new owner.

Here Richard and Bowsprite return from a sounding trip up Catskill Creek.

More fotos of the trip up the Hudson Valley coming soon.  As an aside, with a vista like this, I find it credible that Henry Hudson, making this trip 401 years ago, could have believed this waterway would lead through the continent.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  If you are interested in Rosemary Ruth, contact Richard today.

Related:  Rosemary Ruth IS a signed piece of art.  See the weld signature here.

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