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So through the magic of blogging, let’s turn time back and shift camera position, kind of like the movie Groundhog Day.  Or “TR 2008  . . . Take 2.”  The crew of W. O. Decker–the only tug in the harbor taking paying passengers–coordinate to rope a bollard.  By the way, W. O. took first place in best mascot . . . and guesses what it was?  Answer follows.

Truth must out . . . these fabuous fotos were captured by Brian, also intrepid captain of Puffin.  Below, Charles Oxman pushes around Rosemary . . . until Rosemary turns on all her 6000 hp.  The Oxman takes my first prize for the most unusual house design AND best namesake.  Bravo Vinik!

Brian gets a prize for catching the drama of nose-to-nose gladiating (I’m sure that’s not a word til now) with Edith Thornton, who saved all its grit for this, twisting it up with St. Andrew.

Best-looking tug in the harbor . . . Matthew Tibbetts.  Anyone know its namesake?

And one more shot for today of “sturm und drang” as portrayed by speed winners, Ross Sea and Maryland.

Oh . . . about the best mascot:  beating out a disqualified tattoo queen, a ferret, a large dog and a puppy, and some very happy clams . . . winner was an East River spider crab.  Does it have a name?  A special snack for winning?  Check back later.

Daily News reports the news here, even dragging in some Yankees-RedSox causality.

OK . .  last addition for today, thanks to Bernie of the Working Harbor Committee, someone who loves spinach . . . although I still suspect it’s seaweed.  Either way, he’s gonna grow up strong.

Last winter I caught Viking from a distance, with her unusual bow, and last week again I recognized her too late to catch a frontal. Check the foto on Paul the pirate’s post to see another vessel with Viking’s design. Anyone know the manufacturer of the coupling?

Decker’s 1930 work-free nose carries a luxurious cushion of fiber; the Reinauer 7200 (can’t tell which one) has it articulating with (read “buried into”) its intended barge.

I know Scotty Sky is not a tug, but I’m intrigued by what hangs there: functional I suppose; representational, I wonder.

Specialist II follows an impressive prow–all it’d need is a forward and be-lipped curve at its tip to claim some Viking influence.

Rosemary–one of the newer tugs in the boro–defines “bow” massively anew.

And–way back in my “kidhood” we called these “stub-nosed.” It’s Brooklyn and modified. I’m wondering what the intention of the off-centered grill might be. What if a century ago, rather than following the draft-animal model, trucks had evolved using a “push” model?

Photos, WVD.

So, the tug with the most horsepower in the boro . . . Penobscot Bay, 140′ icebreaker tug?

Sorry. Only 2500 hp. Pati R Moran?

5100. The almost new Rosemary McAllister?

6000. Atlantic Salvor?

6480. Christian Reinauer?

Getting close with 7200. It has to be Powhatan?

Well at 5.73 megawatts . . . that’s 7684 horses. And the winner is . . .

Turning its back to my lens . . . Lincoln Sea, churning out 5.883 megawatts if my calculations are correct . . . er . . . 8000 horsepower. For more Lincoln Sea, see Fred’s shots here. Truth be told, though, I haven’t seen Lincoln Sea in the boro in a spell.

I hear there’s an 11,000 hp tug arriving in the watery boro soon.

Photos, WVD.

Hmm . . . I thought . . . a McAllister tractor decked out in flags. I wonder who . . .

Rosemary? Anyone know when she arrived?

Wonder where she’s headed?

And next came the new Seas with a novel way of working too, two tugs and four sand scows.

In tandem, like horses on my grandpa’s 20th century farm, except somehow underwater this Seas team represents 4800 horses.

At a certain point, Caribbean took them alone and Aegean returned to base.

Let me see . . . a flagship and lots of sand . . . might they be going where Rev. Billy is going?

Photos, WVD.

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