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You might be wondering about the connection between the vessel below and my previous post . . . here about the delivery of the 1997 Rockefeller Center tree.

It turns out that in 2003 the vessel below —North Star— formerly  offshore supply vessel known as Rio Hanna (1968) and Pelto Seahorse


carried these Rockettes and a very happy crewman



along with the 2003 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree from New London to a pier near Intrepid, where the ramps were positioned and the truck rolled off on its way east to deliver the tree.    Read all about it here in the New London Day of November 12, 2003.    The fifty-year-old 79′ Norway spruce came from yard of Frances Katkauskas in Manchester, CT.


Here the crew pose for a foto near the Circle Line pier after delivering the tree.


Many thanks to Guy Torsilieri for providing the lead and to Richard Sise of Cross Sound Ferry for providing these photos.  These fotos were taken the year I moved to NYC but three years before I started this blog.

If anyone has other pics to share, I’d love to put them up here.  And 2014 . . . sounds like another tree-by-water delivery is overdue.

OK . . . I’ll admit that I’m foolish enough to think every day is Christmas, every day in New Years,  . . . and I could go on.

So happy 18th day of Christmas 2013.   And my heart-felt thanks go out to Tim and Bill Hughes of Hughes Marine for these images.  Thanks also to John Skelson who helped reformat them for this blog.

Let’s go back to November 1997.  Tugboat Spuyten Duyvil delivered a barge carrying a Torsilieri truck carrying a Norway spruce bound for Rockefeller Center.


The tree was felled in Stony Point.  Click here for the article by James Barron detailing the tree transaction.



If that tree is 74 feet, that’s a long trailer.


You gotta love those red balls.  By the way, Hughes logo on the barge was painted out for this transit.


Here were some fotos taken in the Upper Bay.  I highly recommend getting the children’s book version of the story in part to see the artistic liberties taken in rendering both tug and truck.


Fireboat John D. McKean  does the honors.



Although I’m still working on locating more pics of this event, including Joyce Dopkeen’s shots of the offloading process, I am thrilled to share these with you here.

Again, many heartfelt thanks to Bill Hughes for sending these photos and to John Skelson for reformatting them.

I hope to have more belated “christmas” fotos soon.

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