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Sometimes posts just write themselves, like this one.  After seeing someone else post a photo of a large tugboat named Abundance and a barge named Stymie, I had to follow suit.  I tried unsuccessfully to find what or where Densa is.

Arctic Breeze as a spring morning dawns?

Ah . . . the good lord DOES have a village named for him upstate along the Erie Canal . . . , a village that’s also associated with other noteworthy folks.

Here I have a serious question . . .  is there a seacoast town anywhere where high school girls vie for this title as they do for such titles as Miss Apple Blossom?  Click here for some other crazy contests . . .

Oops . . I shot the photo too early.  Here’s a closer up view of what Michael Miller is pushing.

And if there’s a Suez Canal in the Kill Van Kull, might there be a Kill Van Kull in the Suez Canal?

And finally . . . do you remember Roaring Bull?  Well, they are a struggling ferry operation over Susquehanna, great people with a long history.  Maybe you can contribute some of your tax refund now and take a ride on the ferry later this summer.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Part of the way up in the Chesapeake watershed, Roaring Bull works daily for the better part of the year.   Take a ride on it.  from Harrisburg I-81, it’s a mere 30 miles north.  From West Milton I-80, 40 miles south.


Baltimore . . . 100 miles, Philly 130, NYC 200, and Pittsburgh 225;  and


and it’s lost in time.


It’s a must-see, and inspected by the USCG.


Unlike double ended ferries, this one has the best bow and stern thrusters.




with a name that conjures up this taurus pining for love. 


And yes, it’s in a part of the Susquehanna River valley where there are lots of horses pulling buggies.





All photos by Will Van Dorp.  For sights and sounds of the ferry under way, click here and here.

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