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Here’s QV. Guess the location.



Here QV heads into the sunset, blending in as a silhouette between the lighthouse and the island. So, the clue: it’s QV headed into the sunset. Where is the lighthouse?


Was it only two and a half weeks ago she left the sixth boro. Check the webcam to learn her current location. Again, where in the world was QV when this foto was taken? Credit and answer soon.

Last week when I transited KVK on Peking, I noticed that crew on other ships take notice when something unusual passes, like a century-old barque. This crewman on Eagle Boston grabbed his camera, and



so did these guys on Kristin Poling.



Crewman aboard New Delhi Express took fotos and waved.



On the other hand, some work needs to get done in port like . . .



these three guys touching up paint on the QV anchor and waterline or



washing the glass around the sky promenade below horns that could swallow this poor guy.  Suppose these same guys put on aprons later and serve drinks?


“So what’d did you do while in the port of New York, pa?” asks young Hassan or Sammy.

Note: Keep up with the QV through the bridgecam, but don’t expect to see any crew doing touchup paint.

Photos, WVD.

Sunday’s NY Times ran an interesting article about offshore cities being planned in Saudi Arabia, i.e., liveaboard islands. See drawings here that look like sci-fi novel covers.



Technically these are mobile liveaboards, both the blue-hulled QV–somewhat sci-fi herself– and the tug Maryland.



These, which I posted about here last year, are mostly immobile.

Craigslist has one for sale here.

Photos, WVD.



The blue Sandy G is a domicile that rocks (on windy days:) , not far from the Big Oyster (a must-read, by the way). I’d love to know something about the history of Sandy G. Read this link about the BQE imminently becoming a waterfront location like the canals of my favorite city, Amsterdam. Then again, if I moved back onto the water, I’d want a location like Bryan and Judy’s in Majuro.



Then there’s this option: take a fiberglass houseboat, attach a wraparound flotation deck not unlike Huck Finn’s raft, then add an expansion supported on the deck. Move in, and wait for strong wind. Eeek!

Much better versions from around the world here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp

A blog that’s been following the Queens for a spell has great comparative info here between QE2 and QV, like which is faster? With that link above, be sure to scroll through the posts. Also, check out QE2‘s last go-round itinerary. My fotos taken in the rain from the Battery follow:



Notice the much-shrunk Statue in between above.  In the first two fotos, order is QM2 forward, QV after.



Joe Sharkey includes an interesting statistic in his Dec 16 2007 New York Times article: number of people doing cruises annually has increased three fold since 1990!



Final shot: QM2 with one of many patrol boats in foreground and fireboat aft. Note: The QE2 hung quite far back and from my terrestrial angle, I couldn’t get all three in one frame. More on them–daytime shots–later.

Photos, WVD.

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