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Continuing my effort to see the sixth boro from every imaginable angle, I recently walked Hudson River Waterfront Walkway between Port Imperial and Edgemont Marina.  This post covers the first portion of the walk.  Follow on the interactive map below; click on the map/satellite view to make it live .  If you’re from outatown, that’s Manhattan to the lower right . . . specifically the 59th Street Sanitation Pier.    But it’s the view from the Jersey side I focus on here.

This set of fotos represents a starting point for me, evidence of a reconnoitre.  What is now rows upon rows of “luxury condos,” was at one time sets upon sets of rail infrastructure.

Below is the crumbling pier directly south of Son Cubano NJ.  Ironically, not more than a mile south of here were the Seatrain Lines docks with service via Seatrain New York and Seatrain Havana between  . . . New York and Havana.

This is the view of the pier “east” of Son Cubano.  Notice it, like most of them now, is a loose end, a pier from and too nowhere.   Now they are reminders, and should be treasured as such, although I know they will not be here 10 years from now.   Click here (bottom of post) for the quote from Rebecca Solnit . . . on ruins as memories . ..  or clues to seek out missed memories.

The piers are alive . . . although not with shipping or commerce.  Notice the Manhattan passenger terminal on the other side.

Who knows what vessels last cast lines off from these cleats and bollards?    Anyone have a sense of where a trove of fotos showing these docks used can be found?

This loose end is off Buffalo Court, but what town looks upon this?    West New York?  Guttenberg?  Will Port Imperial become a town?

More pilings reminding us that  a different life was led here 50 and 100 years ago on the Jersey side of the sixth boro across from and slightly south of Soldiers’ and  Sailors’ Monument and Riverside Church.  In the far distance, the tug is Bohemia;  Kristy Ann is the nearer one.

The serviceable pier Kristy Ann Reinauer passes here covers a pipeline.  For what . . . I don’t know.  Remember, this post just conveys what I saw on the recon walk.

When the area was developed, vessels in the water became starting points for fill.  What cargoes did this barge carry and along what routes?

I googled “bulls ferry” and “jacobs ferry” hoping to learn what vessel is depicted.  Find out what I got by clicking here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Coming soon . . . the journey into Edgewater, where Joseph Mitchell more than half a century ago studied the shad fishermen.   Any errors of fact . . . they’re mine.

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