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All photos here were taken less than an hour after sunrise.  It’s commonly known that the golden hour is the best time for photos.


Mary Turecamo also headed out for morning work, not that this is anything but a 24/7 essential schedule.

HMS St Andrews arrives with sunrise on its back. Has the HMS been dropped from the name,

just as port of registry has been changed?

Eastern Dawn slings Port Chester into the dock.

Ellen heads out,

meeting a Vane tug on her way to a job.

Cape Henry comes off the anchorage, westbound on the KVK.

All photos, WVD.


Indulge me a little misdirection first..  So you suppose the Hughes 130 is loaded with ferry fuel?

I thought the tug here is Little C, but this one is too small.  Anyone identify?

Eastern Dawn is a regular in the sixth boro, and

[oh, go back to the top photo and you’ll see Eastern Dawn with a fuel barge] and the other morning I discovered an answer to a long-standing question I had.  Do those fuel barges with names like “No. 5” and “No. 6”  ever move?

The answer is . . . I caught Eastern Dawn move in with a barge and then transfer fuel from it to

to the stationery barges next to the ferry terminal on the Staten Island side.

Hook it up and pump the fuel into the barge until it gets pumped again . . . into the the ferry tank.

All photos and speculation, WVD.  Below is another recent photo of Eastern Dawn with its barge–Port Chester–light.



I thought I had done a post called “pushing oil,” but I seem to have mis-remembered.  The closest I can find is here, and looking at this post, it’s clear to me how much I’ve learned since starting this blog.  Here’s another related one from last year.

Clearly . . . that’s not a tanker below.  Thanks to Ashley Hutto for this fine photo of Captain Zeke doing a job that might have been done by small tankers a few decades or less back.


Capt. Log is one such small tankers, and her life doing what she does so well is winding down.


Here two Moran tugs–Brendan and Catherine Turecamo, I think–push a tanker into a berth on the KVK.


Davis Sea . . . once this would have been done by a tanker.


Ditto Dace Reinauer.


Thanks to Ashley for the top photo.  All others by Will Van Dorp.

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