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She brightened my day once last spring.

Saturday she spun around in the KVK with

assistance–not from Meagan Ann, who seemed more to spectate like me–from

from Gramma Lee T. Moran.

She headed out

not to sea immediately but first

to the anchorage for

whatever Emma Miller could give her.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who is always looking for new vistas of the sixth boro.

When Politsa Lady headed for sea, I knew I was it was my day;

the treat would be mine, and it was.  I hope it’s yours too.  Memory of her orange reflection on a million wavelets conveys momentum when my energies have none, when affection seems gone forever.

I know  . . . it’s just another oil tanker, this one with

a spare screw and anchor stowed midships, and when

she’s past, her actual image lacks the breath-taking beauty I thought I saw a few minutes earlier, kind of like a morning-after perspective, goggles removed.  But no matter, the memory remains.

Inbound are Houma and tanker Chimborazo, escorted by Laura K.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

For Watercolor 1, click here.

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