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H. Lee White pulls into Mistersky fuel just ahead of Iver Bright.  That’s the USSteel Zug Island complex in the distance.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, the vessel with the greatest number of abbreviations in its name, passes by on its way down past Montreal.

Like many newer Algoma vessels, Algoma Sault‘s made in China.

Victory, the tallest tug on the lakes I’m told, followed us, with a sailboat named Janine slipping between us. x

She’s married to her barge Maumee, and that was the direction she headed from Detroit. 

Enduring Freedom is a recent arrival in the private sector and is working on the Lakes. 

Algoma Discovery is 1987 Croatia-built.

If you need evidence that Great Lakes boats last a long time, consider the case of Vac here. 

Petite Forte has been around, and done so since 1969.


I love these murals on the CSL vessels.  This one is called Sea Keeper.   I will keep my eye open for The Runners on CSL Welland

All photos, any errors, WVD.

Let’s start with one that I can’t identify, other than by its name . . . Charlie E, I believe.  I took this photo in Port Colborne.


I was wrong when I thought McKeil’s Sharon M I was an ex-Candies tug like Na Hoku or Greenland Sea.  It turns out she was built in Japan.


I can’t ever remember seeing a heaping load of coal like this . . .


Petite Forte was docked also along the Welland Canal with barge St. Mary’s Cement.


I’ll put up a pilot boat post soon.  Meanwhile, can you identify this pilot boat?


Jaclyn is a 41′ tug built in 1967.


Joncaire, it turns out, is an important name in Niagara history.


Eagle is a 57′ tugboat built in 1943 and operating out of Cleveland. Here she heads for the outer harbor.



All photos by Will Van Dorp, who is unpacking as quickly as possible, and preparing to repack soon.


Twenty four hours does include more darkness now than light, so here were:  Algoma Transport at the dock in Port Colborne, Algoma Hansa, Algoeast, Cedarglen, Petite Forte, Peter B. Cresswell, Fortunagracht, and  . . . now northbound, Algoma Transport.  And there’s no better place to watch all night long than from the Inn at Lock 7.


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