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This post follows on a similar one based on St. Clair River traffic .  . here.

Would the captain below qualify as a “back seat” driver?

He with his attractive runabout was taking part in this event . . .

Wood like this truly makes attractive vessels.

Zipper is a beaut,

as is Glacier Girl.  Look closely at her stern . . . I should have taken more pics after she passed.

G4 below is 1993 built Riot, a 25′ Clarion boat powered by a 585 hp Mercruiser.

She’s a beauty at speed or slower . . .

Pardon Me has the claim to being the world’s largest mahogany runabout, consuming 100 gallons/hour, and she’s spawned another . . .

Pardon Me Too is Hacker built, 1956.

that even golden retrievers approve of.

I’m redundant and say . . .  no boats are prettier than wooden ones, whether they’re varnished like Karen Ann below or


All photos by Will Van Dorp.


The sweet lines and rich color of Zipper so eclipse the design and material of the fiberglass vessel off its starboard bow that . . .

I’m speechless by her 41′ shine

and stay that way.

Zipper lives at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. Here’s more info on this 1930s design built in 1970s.

Kennebeccaptain, on transit transporting 5000 cars from Japan to Europe, recently wrote that his fuel bill at end of voyage will be approx $700,000. Pardon Me, the 48-foot runabout Hutchinson Brothers built in 1948  (above) has a 1500-hp supercharged engine that consumes 100 gallons per hour!  Again, I’m speechless.  Assuming fuel availability to make it feasible and assuming speed of 30 mph and gasoline at $4/gallon, fuel bill for Pardon Me would be . . . $160,000  for a 12,000 mile Japan-Europe jaunt . . . for –say–six people!!

 Stern view of Pardon Me (thanks to Elizabeth) shows two cockpits separated by the Packard marine engine.  When these screamers go out to play, it’s in the main channel of the Seaway among the 1000 Islands.  For a history of recreation there, check this link.

On my blogroll, I’ve added two new links”  boatnerd and lifeatsea.  Check’em out.

All fotos, unless otherwise attributed, by Will Van Dorp.

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