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Sometimes I like to start new categories so that the numbers don’t get so high, boats no longer extant or frequent get a second look, and we realize that time is passing pretty fast.  So all the photos here I took more than seven years ago.  Some have been on the blog before, but not together and not edited exactly as they are now.

Like Norwegian Sea, she used to be a wintertime staple running up the River, easily recognizable by her upper wheelhouse.

Juliet is still around but not very busy under her new name . . . it seems.

This boat, like her namesake, is gone too soon. Pegasus is still around but no longer looks this way.

Zeus was on the Great Lakes after working in the sixth boro, but I’ve lost track of her.

Volunteer, another unmistakable profile, now long time gone from here.

Zachery  . . . still around and still working. High Peace is now registered Vietnamese and goes by Pvt Dolphin.

Just to break the pattern here, here’s a photo I took of Zachery a few days ago.

Take my word for this last photo . . . the distant unit I can’t identify although I’m guessing a Reinauer boat, but the closer vessel is outrageous.  Actually I mean Outrageous.  That’s the name.  Click here (and scroll) for a previous photo of Outrageous, which I believe used to be based in the sixth boro.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

I’m very impressed . . . all the images I put up yesterday got identified and within a few hours either in comments section or on Facebook.

The top foto yesterday came from Thomas Scian of the USS Slater project in Albany.  Click here to read the latest Slater Signals publication with info about the upcoming dry-docking.   Thomas has promised to keep us informed about the tow down the Hudson around mid-February–in two weeks or so already– so that this transit can be well-photographed.  I took the foto below back in September 2013.  Here’s the info on Slater.


The engine room pics came from Kelsey Patrick Connors.  The first engine room is from Navigator, with twin EMDs 12-645-e4, 2150hp each.   Here’s a foot of Navigator Norfolk-bound out  the Narrows.


Some of you commented on how clean the Detroit Diesel was.  It’s one of two 16-cylinder 149s at 900 hp that power Outrageous.   I took these fotos of Outrageous in May 2009.



Thanks much to Kelsey and Thomas for use of the pics.   Thanks all of you for your answers.   I have no news on Sea Lion.

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