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Robert Garrison‘s bas-relief “Evening” suggests a siren southbound along Sixth Avenue on the west side of Rockefeller Center. For a great article and links on Art Deco sculpture, click here.


At 195 Broadway aka American Telephone & Telegraph Building, I often visit this sea-dweller who lacks wings but rides southbound astride a dolphin, ship in her right hand, and trident in left . . .


Like me, many have gazed at her, and she peers back out of the corners of her eyes. Because she’s along the route of every NYC ticker tape parade, she’s witnessed the feting of fellow water luminaries like Gertrude Ederle, Amelia Gade Corson, Carol Heiss, and more.



A few blocks south on Broadway this head appears just below these two letters, the last two in the name of a certain shipping company. Any ideas which one?

Photos, WVD.

English, unlike Romance languages, fails to distinguish between–say– siren & sirena. So in the interest of equal opportunity, here goes. I’d say this siren–a peer of Neptune–does not flatter males.



Here’s side view, and



a close up of one of his peers, leaning against a row of frogs and drinking spirits from a conch?



Yet, here’s half the centerpiece of the same fountain, called the Bailey Fountain in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. I’m not sure how to interpret the assemblage.



So, any ideas on how to “read” the entirety of these figures? Eugene Francis Savage, did you intend this female figure–about to go skinny dipping– as a siren, using her song or silence to drive the water guys, the tritons, crazy?Anyone help me out here with interpretation?

Photos, WVD.

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