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Summertime . . . and today I’m lazy after finishing two projects that’ve been transfixing me all month.

So how about some sail . . . in the evening, like Aquidneck,


Long Island built?

a moth . . .

a Fathead (?),


a classic catboat,


I’m wondering if Meow man has ever tagged one of these?

Aurora (1949) with tanbark sails,


Adirondack II,


launched 1999

The Blue Peter  . . . unfortunately AFTER she had dropped her parachute spinnaker.


and finally Black Watch . . . built in the Bronx and a veteran of World War Two.


Note the different materials of each mast.

I’ve been to the Narragansett Bay before, but I need to spend more time there in summer.

But first, I hear there’s some big sail coming to the sixth boro.  Last but not least, all photos by Will Van Dorp

Name this tug headed for sea as the sunset bathes it in ruby light?


I guess this could turn into a precious materials post.  Hobo, this gold tug at the Costello shipyard in Greenport, appears to have been built 61 years ago by Caddell’s Drydock & Repair.  At this dock, it waits under the protection of this exotic creature of the winds if not waters.




This 55-year old  . . . despite the distant port name carried on its escutcheon, is where?  Check the skyline.


See the Chrysler Building off her port side?  Charlsea is currently in Weehawken.


The ever-wandering Maraki  caught up with Kathy M recently in Eleuthera.


And now . . . back to the ruby-red tug of the lead photo . . . . known as it leaves this port . . .


as Roger Williams, a name soon


to change.  Here she passes Castle Hill Light . . . as I said, bound for sea  . . .


Credits here go to Rod Smith for photos of Roger Williams, Maraki for Kathy M, and all others . . . Will Van Dorp, who is expecting to make a comment about the laurels above the Graves of Arthur Kill cover . . . upper left side of this page  . . . soon.

Thanks again, Rod and Maraki.

Yesterday and today’s Franklin.

Tomorrow’s Franklin . . .

B. Franklin Reinauer, that is.

Dawn foto compliments of Rod Smith, who covers Narragansett Bay.

Top foto by Will Van Dorp, whose computers are in rebellion.

Of course, here’s another approach to lifting smaller boats onto a transport deck.  All fotos here are compliments of Rod Smith, about 10 days ago.  Rod operates Narragansett Bay Shipping, where I know him best for his tireless documentation of vessel construction at Senesco Marine.  (Doubleclick enlarges.)

It starts here, as Ocean Freedom enters the Bay, passing Castle Hill Light, Saturday, May 5, 0740.   Ocean Freedom works for Intermarine.

And here’s the cargo.  A recent Workboat article discusses the deal:  four new Army ferries bound for the Marshall Islands, specifically for the Reagan Test site.  The builder is Blount Boats, which I did posts about here and here.

Sunday, May 6, 1313h.

Sunday 1436h.  Note the diver in the water directly below the port prop and rudder.

Sunday 1448h.

Monday, May 7, 1035h.  In the foreground is Conanicut Island;  Newport is in the distance.

Monday 1038h

Monday 1039h.


All of which answers a question:  given my recent obsession with the Panama Canal, I was wondering if Ocean Freedom carrying possibly the latest government boats might cross paths there with a US government boats on its last voyage.  The vessel is USS Glacier, and it is in tow by Rhea and the company that recently towed the Artship (also with South Pacific connections)  to the scrappers.  .  . but according to marinetraffic, as Ocean Freedom heads into the Pacific, Rhea and Glacier are following Baja California.

Many thanks to Rod Smith for the fotos and to David Hindin for the info on Rhea and USS Glacier.

Here’s a foto of a foto taken at Fort Wetherill.  I couldn’t make out the name of the vessel, but can you identify the objects on the dock in the foreground?  Answer follows.

Fort Wetherill serves as a great venue for shipwatching;  here’s another shot of Danalith bound for sea, and  

tailed by Northeast Pilot IV, which also

met Thalassa Desgagnes when she arrived.  Thalassa is an apt name for a vessel.

Here’s a close-up of Northeast Pilot IV, a product of Narragansett Bay’s own Gladding-Hearn.Here’s Northeast Pilot V, which I presume is

a newer boat.Also based in Newport is Tiger Shark,

WPB 87359, one of dozens in this 87′ class.

Hidden away here is the stern launch small boat.

Back to that first pic . . .  those are mines.

Does anyone know the name of that mine-laying vessel?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Last time I posted a foto of WLV-612, the year 2009 had just begun and she was docked in North Cove in Lower Manhattan.   Now she’s on the Newport waterfront;  I’ve no idea the identity of the huge  sloop at Nantucket‘s stern.

Narragansett Bay is a ria (never heard that word before today) Pell Bridge (below)  between Newport and Conanicut Island, and  Jamestown-Verrazano Bridge (who knew?)   between the Island and North Kingston

Lobsterboat Shamrock here passes Rose Island, between Newport and Jamestown.  Rose Island Light is a B & B.

Here’s a view of calm waters below the cliff that runs in front of the “cottages” of notables like the Vanderbilts and Astors of the Gilded Age.

Coastline Kidd moves one of the painting barges working on the Pell Bridge.  A year ago in the KVK I caught sibling Coastline Girls here.

Entering the Bay from the north around Castle Hill Light and accompanied by the pilotboat,  it’s

Thalassa Desgagnes, here passing Fort Wetherill.

Leaving the Bay and passing the same park, it’s 34-year-old general cargo vessel Danalith, here outbound for

the Republic of Cape Verde?

More Narragansett Bay soon.  Many thanks to Rod Smith (of and Birk Thomas (of tugboat for hospitality and info.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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