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First,  Happy Hudson Day . . . that’s why some folk don’t work today.

Update on Walrus:  Thanks to Gijs… Walrus stopped here for four days on its way to exercises with a Dutch frigate De Zeven Provinciën and the USS Dallas. Walrus then heads for Norfolk, end of October.  Info here.

Although the coexistence thread has languished, it retains its critical importance.  All denizens of the boro strive to avoid doing harm one to the other.  In the foto below, find two tugs (Evening Tide and Huron Service), three bridges, and then two unnamed kayaks, one sloop, and one powerboat.

Since time immemorial, movement here has resulted from human


As part of Riverkeeper‘s Water Fest, eleven rafts–down from the Adirondacks–floated about a hundred lucky folks from 79th Street to North Cove.

Meanwhile, USS Nassau was in town for the commemoration of the century since the voyage of the “great white fleet.”  Thanks to Jed for the identification.

USS Nassau foto from the cliffs comes compliments of bowsprite–who is depicted somewhere in this post.  All others, Will Van Dorp, not depicted.

As I worked along the Red Hook shore yesterday, my eyes did espy a bright red ship with tall masts and large white letters . . . a large trawler, a research vessel? I thought.

As it rounded the Battery, its identity became clear . . . a lightship!! And moving under its own power! It could only mean . . .

Nantucket, the restored vessel out of Boston.

Although I was too far south to get a close-up and lacked a chase boat, I did feel my day brightened after this. Here’s more on the lightships.

Photos, WVD.

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