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The East River is a helluva strait, literally, if you head east through Hell Gate and between South and North Brother Islands.  The Brothers were not only the site of infectious diseases hospitals (ruins of which are visible on the SoBro pix here and more on this in a later post)  but also of the 1904 maritime tragedy that cost over a thousand lives, i.e., the burning of the General Slocum.

Continuing east of the Brothers, Rikers lies south of the channel and beyond the DEP facility and north of the channel, “rikers annex,” prison barge Vernon C. Bain provides a model for the ultimate in waterfront living?  The mystery lies below:  what is the name/story of the wreck in the cove leading to Westchester Creek?

That’s the Whitestone in the background.

My estimate is  . . . at least 125′ loa.

That’s Ferry Point Park in the background.

Again looking toward Ferry Point Park.

Maybe it’s an old ferry?  Maybe it’s a cheap but dramatic way to mark shoals?  Maybe it’s art?

Unrelated:  see Sea Fever’s 9/22 post featuring a crew riding Hurricane Ike out off Galveston.  Lord have mercy!!!!!

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