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… is Inuktitut for … well, you can read it below.

I could have called this post Wanderbird 4.  Some of the time aboard I spent looking through this book by Nat Igloliorte.

It’s common knowledge that from the sixth boro . . . i.e., local waters commingling among the other five boros of NYC . . . even with a relatively small vessel, you can get to anywhere on the millions of miles of coastline on the planet.  And folks in boats and ships of all sizes have seen or intend to see multitudes of seascapes and landscapes on that coastline.

Here a certain blogger reads about gunkholes that lie in his future.

As Wanderbird left its sibling Cape Race, I wondered when the two vessels next would meet and raft up.

So did Pitsik.  Where are we going, he wondered in dog thoughts.

When . . . I wonder  . . .  will Captains Karen and Rick be lowering in warm seas and when among icebergs?

Thanks again to David Blitzer for his fisheye fotos here.  His show at 350 Bleeker Street (here) stays up until December 27.

ᑕᑯᓛᕆᕗᒍᒃ . . .   or   takulaarivuguk

Unrelated:  The concluding installment went up on my blog My Babylonian Captivity.

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