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Some days to decide what to post seems impossible.  I find myself looking at recent photos and impulsively choosing then rejecting one after another photo, too restless for inspiration;  what usually takes only the time to consume my morning cup of coffee extends way beyond breakfast.  Then I saw this photo friend Michele Fitzgerald McMorrow posted on FB and captioned “migration at the hook.”

As length of daylight hours wanes, so many boats head south, like this one with Tampa on its stern.

My perception this fall is that I’m seeing many more multihull boats;

catamarans and trimarans might be gaining on

monohulls in numbers.

Megayachts migrate this time of year also.  Can the word migrant be used to describe snowbirds?  Of course some of these boats might just be getting delivered to a winter haul out nearby, but others could go thousands of miles south.

On AIS on a random recent day I saw this;  magenta is for recreational boats and you see what direction they’re trending past Sandy Hook and

points south.

I’ve never sailed in a multihull . . . .  Maybe I should set doing so as a goal.

I couldn’t see registration on this one, but the fact there’s a US flag hanging where it is makes me think it’s a foreign boat, and Canadians often flag a fairly prominent maple leaf flag, so this might be European.

Long distance migratory boats like these need reliable instrumentation and capable sailors, or so we all hope.

Thanks to Michele for use of her photo.  All others, WVD, whose previous migration posts had mostly to to do with mermaids.

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