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If you want to be visible,

you can’t do much better than to layer on safety orange.  Think of the color you wear while biking or just being out during hunting season.  Think of road workers or anyone who has to be out near traffic.  With good reason, the Dutch Rijkspolitie (highway patrol) once used it on their pursuit cars. 

It works quite well on MSC Athens, that horizontal stripe across the top of the breakwater compounded by one atop the bridge.  It’s so bright the paint must have a reflective additive.

Cell service returns once you’re in or near port.



And as MSC Athens headed for port, another MSC, with the same markings

MSC Heidi, headed out.


All photos, WVD.

Megalopolis roadways see dense traffic, and so do waterways in these areas.  I hope these photos convey a sense of that.  All but two of the seven vessels are underway.  Underway vessels, l to r, are Frederick E. Bouchard, MSC Athens, Jonathan C. Moran, C. F. Campbell, and Fort McHenry.

Dense means tight quarters, Brian Nicholas looking barely larger than the bulbous bow.

Here everything is in motion.

Again, everything here is in motion.  I’m not sure what the Reinauer units there are.

All are moving here too . .   Frederick E., Pegasus, Meaghan Marie, one of the Moran 6000s, Mister T, a bit of the bow of Mary Turecamo, and CMA CGM Nabucco.


Sometimes a confluence of schedules make the KVK resemble rush hour.  Photos, WVD.

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