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This secret lake had great ice for these old boats like Ariel, Ice Queen, Whirlwind, Genevieve, and others.   I was asked not to tell then, and by now I’ve forgotten exactly where this Shangri-la was, but

the ice boating was ideal.  Has anyone heard of Hudson River Valley ice boating happening this year?  The temperature is perfect, but that doesn’t always mean the ice surface is.  I checked here and it doesn’t look favorable.

Evrotas was getting an assist from Amy C McAllisterEvrotas is currently St. Eustatius-bound from Texas.  Amy C is in the Mariners Harbor yard, and I’ve not seen her in a while.

Amazing, which has to be one of the most amazing extraordinary names for a bulk carrier, was discharging salt.  Currently she’s anchored off in the Black Sea.  The ice of February 2011, the heat from oil, and the need for salt of the roads interrelate.

Then, as now, the sixth boro was busy with (l to r) dredge New York, GL 501, MSC Yano, Horizon Discovery,  K-Sea’s Maryland, DBL 17. I may have left someone out there.  To choose two of these, the originally Esso Maryland is now Liz VinikHorizon Discovery was scrapped in Brownsville in February 2015.

Ipanema heads out to sea in the rich morning glow.  She may have sailed into her sunset as Norsul Ranaee, unrelated to this photo.

Irida discharges salt.  She appears to have been scrapped.

MOL Partner is inbound on the Con Hook range. That’s a GLDD mechanical dredge at work and (maybe) some Bouchard tugboats in the distant left.  MOL Partner is passing the Aleutians between China and Tacoma.

We leave it here.  All photos from exactly a decade ago, to the month, WVD.


I promise some wilder pics from the Waterblogger Fest of the other night, but for now. . . .  I spotted so much pink and red as I strolled along the west side of Manhattan . . .   on my way to the fest that I presume some thing must be afoot.  To understand, of course I headed for the water.  AIS said to expect the vessel below.  AIS is a fantastic tool, because if I’d monitored only the VHF, I would have heard  “mole partner.”    And the possibilities for this boggles the mind, starting with Kenneth Grahame character with fur . . . to some sort of spy.  Greetings, MOL Partner.  Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.

Last year I experienced Affinity.  Partnerings are ubiquitous:  like here, many thin single wires do one strong wire rope make.

Ditto fibers of other materials conjoined in whatver which fashion as a single line.

Many rocks do

one long-lived weir define, like this one from Cherokee County, Georgia.

Making many into one defines this structure as well, but otherwise I have no clue what means this assemblage in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Creek.

Today I salute all my partners of all sorts.  Thank you for keeping me afloat, thanks for being a part in one way or another.

All fotos in the past half year by Will Van Dorp, who found no pink or red ships in the bay yesterday.

By the way, would a “mole partner” be one who… like a groundhog … only emerges now and again unpredictably?

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