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Back in the late 1980s a friend and I drove northeast from the “top” of New Hampshire to get away and enjoy seeing the magic of Quebec. Following the southernish bank of the St. Lawrence on Route #132, we stumbled onto a maritime museum whose marquee then was a superfast experimental Candian hydrofoil, the FHE400 Bras d’Or. You must check out that link at least.

My reaction to the hydrofoil may have been similar to what the crew of the sailboat below left felt when something rushed by yesterday. I know it’s here with Fleet Week, I saw one of these here a few years back, it probably lives in the bowels of Kearsarge . . . but what is it? How fast does it move? Is it an MK V.1? Oh, that’s the Liberty Science Center in the background.

More speed–while heading toward Haverstraw Bay later yesterday this speedride passed us. Why would a Seadog boat–living in Chicago and Maryland–be headed up the Hudson?

And finally more speed, it tops 57 mph and has some formidable equipment. I’d never seen it til last week and only barely did then. Zoom. Oh, those are radiation sensors embedded into the windshield.

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