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On this date in May 2013, I was near Portland OR scanning slides, images Seth Tane had taken decades earlier.  

The images have value in a macro sense, not the small details but rather the extent of change in the past almost 50 years. 

Tomorrow (2023) the fleet comes in.  But what year did LCC-20 come in . . . maybe 1985 or 1986?  It seems she’s still active. I now believe that lightship is the former LV-84.

But there are details here too, like these.  Might these two tugs be what’s more commonly known to me as Christine M. McAllister and H. J. Reinauer?   And look at the crowds!!

Is this the former lightship St. Clair?

Will this former tanker, former crane ship be fodder for underwater archeologists of the 22nd century?

I’d love to see this tugboat today.

What a different skyline!!  The Esso tanker’s been scrapped two decades already. 

Kehoe tugs have appeared here on this blog a few years ago.  Here in this fog, they look every bit to be a fading past.

All photos, thanks to Seth Tane.  Any errors, WVD.

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Many thanks to all who commented on the “mystery tug” post and identified it as Callanan No. 1.  See the comments for much more info on the tug.  William Lafferty sends along this photo of the tug and its crew.  I count seven crew.  Also, that looks like a jackstaff on the bow to judge air draft;  it also has a wind vane.

Paul Strubeck sent along this colorful image of the tug in better days sharing a lock with Joan Kehoe. Jeff S points out that Callanan No. 1 ended her days sunk in Brandywine Creek and was cut up where she sank. 

Enjoy some more Kehoe boats.  I don’t believe Albert Gayer took the next few photos.

Note the difference in wheelhouse design between Erin Kehoe and Martin J. Kehoe.  The caption refers to the Martin J. as having a “pigeon coop” wheelhouse.  The lines running to spotlights on the barge are also noteworthy, indicative of commercial traffic then running through the Barge Canal 24/7 except during ice season.

The TBI Group have done a stellar job cataloging many 20th century tugboats, but for a company like Kehoe more work needs to be done.  Check this image from NJScuba;  might this be this Erin Kehoe later reefed as Colleen?

The Conners Marine Company had some tugboats at some point that did not bear the name “Conners.”  For now, especially since I’m on very little information, here are some obvious Conners boats

Above and below, it’s Arthur Conners.  I’ve no clue about the location of these shots along the Barge Canal. 

I don’t know if the Harry R. Conners below is the same boat as the one in this ad, proclaiming it as among the first (I’m skeptical about words like first and biggest.) to switch over from steam to diesel propulsion;  if so, Harry R. had an Atlas-Imperial engine.  “Among the” is always a good hedge. Tugboats of New York (George Matteson) mentions that Conners had an all-diesel fleet.

Conners Marine Company shows up in legal decisions from the Great Lakes to salt water.

Elise Ann Conners is still extant and awaiting rebirth on the Rondout, where I’ve gotten photos of her here

These photos were taken below lock E-27 in Lyons, NY, with Elise Ann eastbound.

Unless this name was used by Conners more than once, Elise Ann was launched in 1881, making her . . . way overdue for some serious attention.  I know the owners and have not spoken with them, so I mean no disrespect, but a 141-year-old tugboat is extraordinary.

I’ll stop here.  Many thanks to William and Paul for sending along those photos of Callanan No. 1. 

Also, many thanks to the Canal Society of New York, which permitted me to bring these photos out of the dark archives and onto your screen.

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